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Sometimes timing is everything. As I blogged earlier, a rumor had been floating around that Astro had passed away.

The rumor went further within a day when I got a message that Astro had committed suicide.

When I checked her Twitter page in which the only thing that can be read is her profile, the status remained unchanged as it had since May 22 when it was the last anyone had heard anything from her.

Almost immediately after I wrote my blog, someone changed the username on her account to Keeper of the Name. Now, the only way that change could be made is for someone to have administrative control over that account.

This clearly means that either Astro herself changed the name on that account or someone who accesses the account, with or without her permission did so.

This brings up a whole new set of questions and also comes very close to this whole thing as being an elaborate hoax.

The faking of a death on the internet is nothing new. In fact, it is fairly common. Now everyone will want to know who was responsible for this hoax and why.

This action also casts doubt on anything that has been posted on that account since the account was locked quite a long time ago. At one time a post had been made on the account that someone besides Astro was administering the account while she was “traveling.”

It is, therefore, safe to assume that the person everyone thought was Astro may, in fact, be an imposter.

A blogger was exposed last fall as being behind a great number of fake Twitter accounts and this could very well be the work of that same blogger.

The modus opperandi fits.

Stay tuned



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    • Elizabeth
    • Posted June 3, 2017 at 2:26 am
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    Bingo! The last post on her blog was April 18. Watch out for a whole new cast of characters.

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