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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Thomas Olsen who is one of three people named in the civil lawsuit filed by Deric Lostutter has filed an Affidavit in response to one recently filed by Michelle L McKee a former party to the Lostutter lawsuit.

Thomas Affidavit

In his affidavit, Thomas accuses McKee of secretly negotiating with Deric Lostutter and his wife to seek dismissal from his lawsuit.

Thomas also details the alleged medical history of Ms. McKee to explain her behavior on the internet.

Thomas also alleges that McKee has harassed famous individuals and has also threatened suicide on a number of occasions.

It is quite clear from the affidavits of both Thomas Olsen and Alexandra Goddard that their alliance and friendship with Michelle McKee is at an end.

This is just part of the collateral damage that has been occurred due to the actions of Deric Lostutter over the years.

Stay tuned






The civil lawsuit that Deric Lostutter filed against Alexandra Goddard, Thomas Olsen and Michelle McKee have had an unexpected result. It has pitted those who used to be close friends against each other.

When Deric first filed his lawsuit against them they stood together to mount a common defense. At some point, there was a negotiation between the parties and Deric to try and come to some kind of settlement which would stop the dispute and result in the dismissal of the lawsuit.

Unfortunately, the negotiations broke down due in part to Michelle not willing to agree to the tentative terms of the settlement. Matters got worse when Deric unexpectedly dropped Michelle from the lawsuit.

A new dispute began only this time it was between Michelle and Alexandra Goddard and Thomas Olsen. It is a dispute that continues to this day. Part of the problem lies in Michelle’s filing of a motion to recover expenses from her defense against Deric’s lawsuit along with punitive damages resulting from her being sued by Deric in the first place.

The most recent development in the situation was when Michelle filed an affidavit on May 3, 2017, stating her position on the matter. This resulted in Alexandra Goddard filing the following affidavit to counter Michelle’s filing.

Affidavit of Alexandria Goddard

The affidavit starts out routinely enough with Ms. Goddard stating that Michelle is not currently a party to the action.

In point 8 of the filing Ms. Goddard points out that because Deric was under strict supervision of the court that she could have filed a complaint with the probation officer supervising his release in order to counter any duress she might have been under due to his actions since by doing so, Deric was in violation of the terms of his being free prior to May 8th.

Next, Ms. Goddard states that Michelle had told a number of people that she had moved to another state and that the claim by Michelle that Holly or someone else had disclosed private information about her whereabouts was false.

Ms.Goddard then goes on to state that while Michelle was originally part of Deric’s civil action that this is no longer the case. Ms. Goddard also details the limited role their atty has with Michelle now that she is no longer a party to the lawsuit. Ms. Goddard then states that it is her belief that Michelle engaged in secret negotiations that had the result of her being dropped from the lawsuit. Ms. Goddard stated that part of her actions was the disclosure of privileged information that would give Deric leverage in his lawsuit against Ms. Goddard and Mr. Olsen.

Ms. Goddard then states that Michelle has a mental condition that causes her to claim that she is a victim of circumstances when in fact she is not and that  ” there is no legal basis to make her the “fall guy” or any such self-made conspiracy.”

Ms. Goddard closes out her affidavit claiming that the atty who has filed with the court a motion to be released from any further representation of her and Mr. Thomas caused damage to their case by his continued representation of Michelle in her actions to seek damages and reimbursement of expenses from Deric Lostutter. 

I have been informed that Thomas Olsen has filed his own affidavit and when it becomes a matter of public record, I will publish it here.

Stay tuned






When Deric Lostutter was sentenced to federal prison and was scheduled to report on May, 8th, 2017 I had originally intended to do my on location live webcast from where Deric would be housed which is tentatively the Federal prison in Butner, NC.


After I wrote this draft, Deric was remanded to the FCI Petersburg penitentiary in Lowell, Virginia. This will likely be where he serves his entire sentence.  

After doing a bit of research, I decided that going to a federal prison to cover his arrival would not work since the likely hood of seeing Deric enter the prison would be slim to none.

It then came to Me that it might be more appropriate to go to where the story began and that would be Steubenville Ohio. It was the town that was the most affected by Deric and his actions and it seemed a good place to complete the story.

Steubenville is known solely as a place where the “rape of the century” took place. Little else about Steubenville is known outside of the rape case. I felt the need to tell the story of the good side of Steubenville and those who live there.

It is a town of history and community. It is the story of people who live their lives day by day, out of the national spotlight. It is this story I hope to tell.

Please join me on my journey to tell the story of a small midwestern town.

Stay tuned


As of this writing, I am roughly 24 hours from the start of my marathon live stream. I will be announcing my destination around 1 pm eastern Sat, May 6th.

I will be streaming live from the various locations through May 9th. There will be updates schedule wise during the progress of the live on location streams.

I will be using Periscope through Twitter to stream and may also do portions of my streams either on Younow or Facebook live. The use of the latter depends on overcoming current technical challenges.

See you all Saturday

Stay tuned



Deric Lostutters security level has been changed from medium to minimum. Does this mean that he and Noah McHugh are now more likely to meet since they are both in the same prison?

Hard to know at this point.

Stay tuned


Deric moved again. This time he is housed at the FCI Petersburg medium security facility located in Hopewell, Virginia. This is the third institution he has been housed in since he was arrested on April 13th.

At least now Deric is in a somewhat more modern prison although it is not guaranteed he will be there for long. There is still the chance he will wind up in Butner, NC. It is 5 days before his original report date of May 8th. This means he could always be transferred AGAIN before that date.

He has a strong supporter who lives in Virginia so perhaps she might make the short drive to pay him a visit and perhaps put some money in his commissary fund.

Stay tuned


Judge Reeves stated in his judgment of Deric Lostutter that he would give him a month after his release from prison before he violated the court restrictions imposed against him.

Well, as it turns out it was less than a month of being taken into custody before Deric once again spoke out about his involvement in the Steubenville, Ohio rape case.

Several hours prior to the writing of this blog article, a post appeared on Deric’s Kyanonymous Facebook page:

The post is said to be a letter sent to his wife in which he appears to remain defiant against the orders imposed by Judge Weir back in September 2016 which forbid Deric sending messages through third parties.

What is not clear to me at this point is if the restrictions remain in place for the two years he is sentenced to prison.

In the beginning of his letter, Deric remains adamant in his belief that he is “The Hero of Steubenville” and that what he did was for the greater good. He also reiterated his belief that he knew he was going to go to prison for what he did:

“My incarceration for hacking was inevitable, as I have always taken account for my actions regarding my crusade against rape culture not only in Steubenville but in America as a whole.”

Deric also holds the belief that Judge Reeves is both biased against him and that the restrictions imposed upon him, is unconstitutional. He claims that the judge requires him to “control his wife.”

” My premature imprisonment by Judge Reeves before my self report date, however, shows the extreme bias of my case. To be held responsible for my wife’s constitutionally protected free speech and expect to censor it is a standard that is unacceptable in our judicial system. A man does not “control ” his spouse.

Deric goes on to declare that Jane Hanlin, the Jefferson county Ohio prosecutor that wrote a victim impact statement used in the grand jury hearing against Deric is ” crooked” and he also goes on to state that the letters submitted to the court by Alexandra Goddard and others were hearsay from defendants in a civil lawsuit he has filed against them.

This unreasonable and unconstitutional expectation to control third-party actions is not listed, or alluded to, in my release conditions. As well, the judge with only hearsay letters from a crooked prosecutor out of Steubenville and a few from people I am actively suing for stalking has labeled me a cyber bully, furthering proof that even at the highest level of government we do not value our women.”

I find the last portion of the statement above a bit puzzling considering what Mrs. Hanlin stated was done to her and her family during the intense battle between Anonymous (Deric in this case) and the citizens of Steubenville.

Next, Deric makes what I consider to be an incomplete statement as to his actions when he became involved in the “investigation” of what happened that fateful night.

If stating that the rapists in Steubenville who brutally attacked an underage and unconscious female, then posted it on social media for all to see, and those adult school officials who tried to cover it up and were subsequently indicted are horrible people, constitutes being a bully, then indeed I am guilty as charged. A proud bully as I sit in shackles for standing up for an underage girl and the inherent right that her case would be handled without collusion from adults sworn to protect her trying to erase the fact it ever happened to protect their “star” football players.

What Deric leaves OUT of his statement is that he did far more than just comment on a video. He confessed to breaking into a website that had nothing to do with the alleged rape and used the information garnered from there to harass and stalk innocent victims.

In this next portion, Deric makes a statement that many agree with. Again, however,  the way Deric chose to deliver that message to the public was the wrong one.

“No, they aren’t a Stanford swimmer or a Broncos quarterback or “star” football players. They are rapists and the passes that are thrown from our judicial system are the exact reason why so many like myself have to take up the reigns to protect the women of this nation and the world”

It is my firm belief that if Deric had “stuck to the message” and had NOT, along with Noah McHugh, hacked into the sports booster website and engaged in the subsequent actions that were deemed inappropriate by the public at large, he would have a far better reputation with the public than he does now.

Deric closes his statement reiterating what he considers his true motives for his actions.

If I have to sit here in prison to ensure my own daughter grows up in a nation where she is free to drink at a party because the surrounding son’s of others were taught how not to rape someone and what consent is and so our judicial system will protect our women and deliver proper punishment to rapists and if I have to sit in prison prematurely to demonstrate a woman does not need a man’s permission to speak, so be it.”

-Deric Lostutter
Quoted in a letter to his wife while being held at the Oklahoma City FTC

Sitting in prison is exactly what Deric is doing at this moment. He will have two long years to continue to contemplate if it was worth it.

Stay tuned




Due to a monumental increase in posts by spammers it has become necessary for me to change my settings requiring comment moderation before publishing them to the blog.

This does not mean that those wishing to make LEGITIMATE comments are blocked. I am trying to keep the blog clean so that those who wish to participate in the conversations can do so without having to read through several hundred spam posts to do so.

I plan on fixing the problem eventually once time permits and then I can start putting spam blocks in place to cut down on this childishness. Please bear with me and thanks for visiting.

Stay tuned


As I write this, Deric Lostutter is in a small jail cell in a federal prison in Atlanta, Ga. The lights are never turned off and it is never really quiet. Unlike the rest of us who will turn out our lights and fall asleep in relative quiet, Deric will sleep under the unrelenting watchful eye of the prison guards and hear the sounds of his fellow inmates as the noise permeates the entire prison.

The Atlanta Federal prison is one of the oldest in the system. It was completed in the early 1900’s and is in the same condition it was when first built. It is hot, it is humid and it stinks.

Deric used to be free to do almost anything he pleased. He could go where he wanted to, drink if he wanted to. He did not have to account to anyone for his actions. He was his own man. He was Deric Lostutter, the infamous hacker, the so-called hero of the Steubenville rape case.

Tonight he is #21103-032. He is a number among numbers. He will be addressed by his number only. Every second of every day of his life in prison will be documented. He has been provided a booklet containing over 100 pages of rules and regulations along with what is expected of him for the next three years.

His “room” is a cage of bars with no walls for privacy. He and his neighbors will see everything each other does, including his and their visits to the toilet within his cell. Instead of a nice comfortable mattress, he will have a thin mattress on a steel or concrete slab. He will have to make his own bed. No wife or loved one will be there to do that for him. There will be no air fresheners to quell the stink of sweat. In most cases,  air conditioning is either non-existent or inadequate.

The only thing that is likely to change in the two years of his imprisonment is the prison he will be staying at. He is slated to be transferred to Butner Federal Prison by May 8th, 2017 but there is no guarantee of that being his FINAL location.

#21103-032 is now at the mercy of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. There is no assurance that he will stay there. He could be shuffled around the country in a practice known as “diesel therapy.” 

Wherever he goes he can be assured of two things, the lights will never go out and it will never be silent.

It is unfortunate he did not know that when he decided, along with Noah McHugh to go down that dark path they both went down so many years ago.

Stay tuned