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Monthly Archives: June 2017

A while back someone contacted me through DM and expressed her disgust. She had also told me that she had heard Astro committed suicide. Shortly after a heated argument, she deactivated her Twitter account. That is until today. She contacted me again and told me she was giving me permission to publish her message entirely. I am doing so here.

I have excluded my part of the convesation since it is not relevent to what this person has to say.

I have to intervene on this one point. She did post on twitter challenging me to post the conversation we had earlier but did not say anything about deleting her username and since It is not her actual name, I did not feel it was necessary to edit it out:

This time I edited out her username and have did so with the latest message me. Now to continue:

Now, all that has been said in these screen shots is the opinion of the person who wrote me. If there is any disagreement or other comment to be made, address it in the comment section of this blog. I am not censoring any comments as long as they follow WordPress TOS and are not abusive.

Stay tuned



It appears that the whole Astro is dead and Astro commited suicide stories are nothing more than an elaborate hoax likely started by Astro herself. A while back I received messages saying that Astro was dead and that she may have committed suicide.

Her Twitter account went untouched for a short while until a name change appeared ” Keeper of the Name” which I supposed was meant to give the impression that either a friend of family preserved the account for some reason.

It was an impression that would have stuck provided that the account remained dormant. That did not last very long as all of a sudden, the profile rants began once again. First the rants against Astro’s “enemies” vanished and was replaced with the one she most commonly used when she was “alive.’

Then, not long ago, I was reading a twitter account that I follow to find that Astro’s bio had been changed yet again. The latest posting on her account clearly indicates that she faked her own death in order to “trick” people into checking out her LOCKED twitter account to read whatever is in her profile/bio that appears on the page and resulting into her critizing people for checking out her Twitter account.

Astro, for years has been known for posting subtle messages through her profile/bio section on her Twitter account and changing the username header to advocate such things and deporting someone or hoping someone gets arrested.

That odd practice was bad enough but this time Astro or whoever is doing this has crossed a line. To attempt to fool people into thinking she is either Dead or had committed suicide is a perverse and cruel thing to do. I know that some people are upset that she may have either died or commited suicide and now they are even more upset to find out that the whole thing is nothing more than a sick joke.

At some point there may be a bio rant where she claims that someone hacked her account and also spread the hoax but this claim will fall on deaf ears. Astro had pleanty of time to disavow the rumors by posting on her Twitter account or elsewhere on the internet.

Instead she remained silent and allowed the rumors to spread. The one account that messaged me about her alleged suicide had been created expressly for the purpose of sending me that claim. It vanished within two days.

It is not clear that Astro is someone to be ignored and is now officially discredited. She will probably go on with her perverse bio rants for this seems to be the only way she is capable of communicating.

Unfortunately if there comes a day when she actually passes away, nobody will care or believe it since she has cried wolf one time to many and has now become a phariah in the internet community.

Stay tuned