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Monthly Archives: July 2017

I have just recieved information from the woman alleged to have been the one who filed a court action that was the center of an article written by Mr. Holmseth yesterday. I had tried doing court records searches to find out what exactly was filed and to obtain the complete information regarding the case to no avail.

The woman has informed me that she filed NOTHING with the court that would have triggered any order to vacate. This would explain why I was not able to find anything that would explain Mr. Holmseth’s justification for filing the motion to vacate.

What seems to be the case here is that Mr. Holmseth simply made the whole thing up either to garner much needed attention to himself or perhaps, as I stated in my prior article, he is engaging in this conduct to divert attention away from himself or any accomplaces that may have had something to do with the disappearence of Haleigh Cummings.

It is certain that Mr. Holmseth needs to be intensely investigated to find out the truth behind all of this.

Stay tuned


For years everyone has looked at the self proclaimed journalist, Timothy Holmseth as an individual obsessed with the missing child Haleigh Cummings and trying to find out who has her. Mr. Holmseth is probably one of the few people who still claimes she is alive.

There is the possability that he may actually know the answer to that question because he may be more intimately involved in the case than people realize.

There is the possability that Tim Holmsesth is actually the mastermind behind hiding the TRUTH about what really happened to Haleigh Cummings.

I frequently find myself watching the HLN series Forensic Files and it is interesting how many cases they have presented where the criminal acts like the hero. The person commiting the crime frequently turns out to be the person who being someone deeply involved in “finding the truth” about who was responsible or involved in what happened.

A good number of these cases involve cases of kidnapped and murdered children.

There is actually little known about Mr. Holmseth or his history just prior to when the Cummings case broke on the news media. What is known is Mr. Holmseth’s obsession with Haleigh Cummings and that obsession being so intensive that there has been a score of legal actions to deter his activities which, in large part, has not worked.

Mr. Holmseth, who back then was a virtual unknown “journalist” came out of nowhere to eventually draw a great deal of attention towards himself. He is a resident of Minnesota and did not have any kind of history with the state of Florida or the relitively obscure Putnam County where Haleigh Cummings lived at the time of her disappearence. 

The question therein lies is in the how and why Mr. Holmseth became so deeply involved in the Cummings case to begin with.

The answer might be as simple as that he is acting as a diversion.

The mechinism for this possible diversion lies in Mr. Holmseth’s use of a multi faceted internet media organization that he created and runs almost single handedly. Another thing that needs to be noted is that for someone who makes a living delivering pizzas, Mr. Holmseth seems to have some unusal resources as well as some rather interesting allies.

Since he inserted himself so intensely into the Cummings case, Mr. Holmseth has strived to divert attention to his theories of what actually happened to Haleigh Cummings and has continued over the years to claim that Haleigh is alive and in the hands of Child pornographers, cults and other evil enities.

It is time to consider the likelyhood that Mr. Holmseth is, in fact, a member of one of these organizations.

One only needs to look at the early history of Timothy Holmseth to understand why we need to look at him as a suspect rather than some tin hat theorist who makes a nuisance out of himself by making crazy and wild accusations against a great number of people.

Mr. Holmseth has been the defendant in a number of legal actions including one filed by the mother of his children. In one case, the court filings reveal that Holmseth was so obsessed with Haleigh Cummings that he had a huge missing persons poster of her hanging on a wall behind his desk.

I remember thinking some years back why would his children be frightened of a poster? Normally children that young have other priorities that do not touch upon such adult matters as missing and presumed dead, children their own age or younger.

The answer, it turns out, lies in the dispute that was going on between the mother of his children and Mr. Holmseth. Court documents indicate that one of the minor children made disturbing comments about Mr. Holmseth and his actions concerning the Cummings case.

One remarkable result of that interview was that Mr. Holmseth was ordered to take the Cummings poster down as a condition of retaining custody of his children.

There is more eveidence concerning Mr. Holmseth, a lot more.

I am not going to get into all of the evidence at this point. This is mainly due to a series of phone calls and corrospondances I have had on line for the past several hours. The exchanges have led me and others to believe there is more to Tim Holmseth and his tin hat theories.

We believe that it is time to look at Tim Holmseth in an entirely new way.

Stay tuned



On July 28th, self proclaimed journalist Timothy Holmseth filed what he is calling an order to vacate with  The Minnesota district court. The problem is that it is alleged that he has lied to the court with that filing. I am one of those he lied about. Tim has been and is still fixated with the fate of Haleigh Cummings. He has accused several people of kidnapping her and claims she is still alive. He has, however, provided no material proof of his claims.

One of the strange events that triggered the court filing Mr.Holmseth responded to with his order to vacate was a call he alleges is from a private investigator based in the state of Indiana to the East Grand Forks Police Department which is the agency that handles criminal complaint where he resides. Apparently the private investigator is fed up with his antics as is many others throughout the United States.

Unfortunately for Mr Holmseth, he has made some serious accusations and has not produced an ounce of evidence or proof to back those claims up. Not only is this defamation of character against and libel against  a large number of people, but he may have committed at least one felony if not many by falsely implicating those mentioned in a criminal enterprise involving the abuse of children. Some of the individuals are officers of the court and members of the military.

Mr. Holmseth is apparently not aware that lying to any court in a sworn document, also known as perjury or, in some cases, uttering a false instrument in a court proceeding is a criminal offense. In his recent article, Mr Holmseth conveniently left out of his article, the case number and other information necessary to obtain copies of his submission through a FOIA request. Unfortunately for him, that does not stop the ability of those mentioned in his filing to obtain copies of the report.

Mr. Holmseth also, in his article, redacted the names of a number of individuals, probably because of various restraining orders and cease and desist orders placed against him for making past alleged perjured filings. 

On Monday, July 31, 2017 I will be contacting the clerk of the court to obtain the case information as well as the UNREDACTED order to vacate he filed. I will then explore my legal options as to how to deal with Mr Holmseth’s actions. Some of the legal options will include criminal charges to be filed against Mr Holmseth as well as any necessary restraining order and/or cease and desist order to stop this harassment by me and others by him.

Mr. Holsmeth is about to find out that I do not take being lied about lightly.

Stay tuned


The twitter account said to be run by one Susan Earman (rumored to be deceased) or some other unnamed individual has been making some increasingly dire posts on the bio portion of the account.

At least one post in the past has referred to a “Shotgun wielding woman from Lexington” having some issue or anger towards one or two woman that Susan Earman has criticized in the past.

Today, however, things have taken a deadly turn with the implication that the Shotgun Wielding woman is expected to target Two of the individuals that Mrs. Earman has criticized in the past. The wording is such as this could be construed as a death threat and that the author of the twitter account may be in possession of information that may be of interest to law enforcement.

As of this writing, it is unknown if the parties mentioned have taken the appropriate steps to ensure their safety and security as well as that of their family.

It is also advisable that either Mrs. Earman ( if still among the living ) or the executor of her estate contact the appropriate authorities with whatever information would uncover just who the woman from Kentucky is so that they could check to see if the parties mentioned in the bio portion of the Twitter account should be concerned for their safety.

Stay tuned


It took a while but it turns out that Deric Lostutter is once again filing complaints with the court where he originally filed his civil lawsuit. He is once again taking issue with the blog he alleges is being run by one of the defendants named in the lawsuit.

In the article

The article speculates that his wife may be cheating on him and offering as evidence, photos of her in glamor makeup. The article begins with the alleged “background” of his wife’s past:

“. Although nothing definitive has come out, it is only a matter of time. Jennifer (Sanders) Lostutter isn’t the type to wait around 2 years for any guy. She used to be a stripper, there have been reports on her accepting money for sex before marrying Deric, and there have been reports of her even sleeping around quite frequently for free before marrying Deric.”

In his complaint, Deric alleges that the blog article is violating his wife’s privacy and is cyberstalking under North Carolina law. This is his main argument in the original filing with the court.

55-1   maincomplaint lettertoderic (click on links to left to read documents in full)

It is important to point out that the blog article does not directly accuse Mrs. Lostutter of adultery but, instead, asks if she is, in fact, doing so and offering evidence to back the speculation. What is not clear is if this constitutes stalking or if it asking a legitimate question of the conduct of the wife of someone who is in prison for the next two years.

This is the question that will be answered if the lawsuit Deric filed is allowed to go forward.

In addition to the blog article is something else Deric takes issue with. It seems someone is alleged to sending him a letter taunting him while he is in prison.

In the letter, written by someone using the initals “BDF” commented as follows:

“Greetings Derpic:

Thank you for all the joy & laughter your recent situation has provided to so many . You are the true inspiration of what not to do in life. Please tell Jenny to keep posting pictures of herself in her new bathing suit. Hope you are enjoying your new home. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Your friends, BDF “

What struck me is that rather than using the term friend, the author uses the term FRIENDS. This makes me wonder if the letter is representing three people rather than one and the monogram is a clue for Deric as to who it may be that are behind these initials.

What is clear is that people are paying close attention to what Deric’s wife is doing while Deric is in lock up.

The main question is does the letter and blog letter rise to the level of stalking? or is this simply free speech about a convicted felon and his wife who can be labeled as a public figure since she is on record as being his legal representative and the administrator of a Twitter account advocating his release from prison.

For this we will have to….

Stay tuned





Somewhere out there in the wild and wonderful world of the internet is a rather strange woman, who was reported dead by her own hands, who is posting strange things on her twitter profile. I have always heard that  a lot of things were possible on the internet, but posting things when you are dead was one thing I did not expect.

Oh, I suppose someone could create an app where one could have messages posted on the internet once they have assumed room temprature and “crossed over” so to speak. Either that or the “keeper of the name” of the alleged dead woman is just as bat shit crazy as she is. 

At this point, it does not matter if the account keeps up with this demented nonsense or finally realizes what a stupid thing she (or he) is doing and simply goes away. From what I understand, hardly anyone is paying attention to the account anyway.

The only reason I become aware of the rants of the dead woman is because someone insists of notifying me of them through Twitter direct message or emails. I am too busy interacting with the living to be bothered with monitoring the actions of someone who is 5 cans short of a six pack.

In closing, I say to my dead troll, enjoy your being a zombie or whatever it is they call a dead person who types strange messages from the afterlife for death is eternal.

Life is not eternal so I am going to make the most of what is left of it.

Stay tuned


I happened to have been provided yet another bio rant from the Keeper of the Name account that is presumably none other than @Astro__x. What makes this interesting is who is mentioned in the rant.

Yesterday, an anonymous twitter account started sending me private messages both imploring me to come to the support of Tim Holmseth and then scolding me intensely for refusing to do so. The private conversation between me and this person lasted most of the day and well into the night. I also got a couple of messages from the account that came after I had gone to bed.

During our ongoing argument, I had recommended that the person get in touch with The Keeper of the Name since that account has always supported Holmseth. Judging by the comment I saw this morning, the account did just that.

What the person got for their trouble is a scolding by the Keeper of the name and being accused of being a stalker.

It seems that people cannot win for losing. Those who dislike the keeper gets targeted and accused of stalking and those who support those that are supported by the keeper gets targeted as well.

When it comes to The Keeper of the Name, you cannot reason with whoever controls that acount and it is best to ignore the account completely.

Stay tuned