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I happened to have been provided yet another bio rant from the Keeper of the Name account that is presumably none other than @Astro__x. What makes this interesting is who is mentioned in the rant.

Yesterday, an anonymous twitter account started sending me private messages both imploring me to come to the support of Tim Holmseth and then scolding me intensely for refusing to do so. The private conversation between me and this person lasted most of the day and well into the night. I also got a couple of messages from the account that came after I had gone to bed.

During our ongoing argument, I had recommended that the person get in touch with The Keeper of the Name since that account has always supported Holmseth. Judging by the comment I saw this morning, the account did just that.

What the person got for their trouble is a scolding by the Keeper of the name and being accused of being a stalker.

It seems that people cannot win for losing. Those who dislike the keeper gets targeted and accused of stalking and those who support those that are supported by the keeper gets targeted as well.

When it comes to The Keeper of the Name, you cannot reason with whoever controls that acount and it is best to ignore the account completely.

Stay tuned



    • Henry
    • Posted July 7, 2017 at 3:58 pm
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    How is continually bringing up the person and using her as source material for your blog articles “ignoring her”?

    The fact you keep posting articles about her, isn’t that an indication you’re having an issue “ignoring her”?

    This is the internet — there are no winners, only losers. Seems like with the amount of content you have on your blog regarding her that she’s winning?

      • Posted July 7, 2017 at 4:45 pm
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      If you had looked at the dates on my blog, you would have noticed that I had not written about that account in a while. The second purpose of the blog article was to point out no matter what side people fall on when it comes to the support of Tim Holmseth or the criticism of those who hate him, the Keeper of the name simply will not engage them and winds up accusing the accounts of stalking her. I am trying to point out the futility of trying to reason with her.


        • Henry
        • Posted July 7, 2017 at 4:47 pm
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        Ah. I see.

        Thank you for the clarification.

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