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I have just recieved information from the woman alleged to have been the one who filed a court action that was the center of an article written by Mr. Holmseth yesterday. I had tried doing court records searches to find out what exactly was filed and to obtain the complete information regarding the case to no avail.

The woman has informed me that she filed NOTHING with the court that would have triggered any order to vacate. This would explain why I was not able to find anything that would explain Mr. Holmseth’s justification for filing the motion to vacate.

What seems to be the case here is that Mr. Holmseth simply made the whole thing up either to garner much needed attention to himself or perhaps, as I stated in my prior article, he is engaging in this conduct to divert attention away from himself or any accomplaces that may have had something to do with the disappearence of Haleigh Cummings.

It is certain that Mr. Holmseth needs to be intensely investigated to find out the truth behind all of this.

Stay tuned