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On July 28th, self proclaimed journalist Timothy Holmseth filed what he is calling an order to vacate with  The Minnesota district court. The problem is that it is alleged that he has lied to the court with that filing. I am one of those he lied about. Tim has been and is still fixated with the fate of Haleigh Cummings. He has accused several people of kidnapping her and claims she is still alive. He has, however, provided no material proof of his claims.

One of the strange events that triggered the court filing Mr.Holmseth responded to with his order to vacate was a call he alleges is from a private investigator based in the state of Indiana to the East Grand Forks Police Department which is the agency that handles criminal complaint where he resides. Apparently the private investigator is fed up with his antics as is many others throughout the United States.

Unfortunately for Mr Holmseth, he has made some serious accusations and has not produced an ounce of evidence or proof to back those claims up. Not only is this defamation of character against and libel against  a large number of people, but he may have committed at least one felony if not many by falsely implicating those mentioned in a criminal enterprise involving the abuse of children. Some of the individuals are officers of the court and members of the military.

Mr. Holmseth is apparently not aware that lying to any court in a sworn document, also known as perjury or, in some cases, uttering a false instrument in a court proceeding is a criminal offense. In his recent article, Mr Holmseth conveniently left out of his article, the case number and other information necessary to obtain copies of his submission through a FOIA request. Unfortunately for him, that does not stop the ability of those mentioned in his filing to obtain copies of the report.

Mr. Holmseth also, in his article, redacted the names of a number of individuals, probably because of various restraining orders and cease and desist orders placed against him for making past alleged perjured filings. 

On Monday, July 31, 2017 I will be contacting the clerk of the court to obtain the case information as well as the UNREDACTED order to vacate he filed. I will then explore my legal options as to how to deal with Mr Holmseth’s actions. Some of the legal options will include criminal charges to be filed against Mr Holmseth as well as any necessary restraining order and/or cease and desist order to stop this harassment by me and others by him.

Mr. Holsmeth is about to find out that I do not take being lied about lightly.

Stay tuned



  1. Frankly, I am wearing Tin Foil Timmy like a pair of cactus britches. In my opinion he is one sick individual that needs to be stopped.

      • Posted July 29, 2017 at 12:36 pm
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      This latest rant from Tim seems to be over a matter between you and him. I found it rather odd that my name got dragged into the situation along with a heck of a lot of other people but this is Tim we are talking about.


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