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In the early part of September this year, a raging battle will reach it’s peak or it will linger on a bit longer. It all depends on how a hearing goes regarding Timothy C Holmseth versus Thomas Norman Olsen.

Timothy Holmseth, on his conspiracy laden blog has made some serious accusations against Thomas Olsen. Accusations that Thomas Olsen vehiemently denies in the strongest terms. 

Thomas Olsen,  in turn,  has filed, with the Santa Rosa County Florida court, an order for protection from stalking by Timothy C Holmseth. As part of the order, Thomas Olsen is demanding that all references to him by Timothy Holmseth be removed from his social media internet websites and that Timothy Holmseth is to cease and desist mentioning him  permanantly.

Timothy Holmsth in response filed what amounts to a 56 page manifesto. The contents of his filing is rather telling to how Timothy Holmseth views the world and how Thomas Olsen and others view the world.

On Wednesday, September 6 2017 the evidence by both sides will be considered by the court. Thomas Olsen will be there in person. As for Timothy Holmseth, his intent to be in court in person is unknown and is in doubt.

What is clear is that a lot of people will be watching.

Stay Tuned