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Just after 3:00 pm edt, today, official confirmation was made in a press conference held by Jane Hanlin that it was Nathaniel “snake” Richmond who ambushed Judge Joseph J. Bruzzese Jr. on the steps of the Jefferson County Ohio courthouse this morning.

Jefferson county sheriff Fred J. Abdella stated that the attack by Nathaniel Richmond was a retaliation. According to a local source in Steubenville, this may have involved a wrongful death lawsuit:

The anonymous source stated “Nathaniel Richmond had a case of wrongful death for a 2 year old and his mother. Sued housing authority and had a hearing August 28th. Bruzzese presided over it. Dismissal was submitted.”

The lawsuit was apparently the result of an accident.

Jane Hanlin made it abundantly clear that Malik Richmond was not involved in the incident in any way shape or form. It is also unclear if the second person arrested knew of what Nathaniel Richmond’s intentions were this morning.

The suspect remains in a 72 hour hold at this time and has not been identified to my knowledge.

Stay tuned