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Monthly Archives: August 2017

There is the famous experession “all blog and no show” that would seem to apply to Timothy C Holmseth today. After claiming to be leaving for Santa Rosa County, Florida last week, he was noticably absent in court this morning.

“I am heading to Santa Rosa County, Florida. Will be fighting bogus petition filed against me there. Bringing documents and NEVER BEFORE HEARD recordings. Judge will see what’s going on and who the players are. THANK YOU to those that helped. I will not be giving traveling or lodging details for security reasons. Visit (REDACTED)to see what is going on.”


What Holmseth did do was file a 56-page manifesto. I am in the process of obtaining a copy of this huge document and will publish it in a subsequent blog once I obtain it and also the other details pertaining to today’s hearing.

The premise of the hearing was nothing more than Thomas Olsen requesting that Holmseth leave him alone and to remove what he says is false statements about him that Holmseth has written about him in his blog.

I would suspect that what Holmseth filed was what he felt was his proof as to the validity of what he has written in his blog over the past three plus years.

The past accusations Holmseth has made have been quite specatular to say the least. He has named a good number of people as being part of human trafficing and child porn organizations as well as being involved in peadophelia.

These accusations, if not true, have serious ramifications for those named. Fringe groups such as Anonymous have been known to go after accused peadophiles and destroying their lives before vetting the information used to justify their attacks. 

If Mr Olsen is able to prevail and prove that what Holmseth has posted is false and defamatory, there should be serious ramifications towards Holmseth as a result. It is far past time for criminal charges to be filed against Timothy C Holmseth.

Ruining people’s lives in this manner should not be tolerated and it is about time for something to be done to stop it.

Stay tuned.


Just after 3:00 pm edt, today, official confirmation was made in a press conference held by Jane Hanlin that it was Nathaniel “snake” Richmond who ambushed Judge Joseph J. Bruzzese Jr. on the steps of the Jefferson County Ohio courthouse this morning.

Jefferson county sheriff Fred J. Abdella stated that the attack by Nathaniel Richmond was a retaliation. According to a local source in Steubenville, this may have involved a wrongful death lawsuit:

The anonymous source stated “Nathaniel Richmond had a case of wrongful death for a 2 year old and his mother. Sued housing authority and had a hearing August 28th. Bruzzese presided over it. Dismissal was submitted.”

The lawsuit was apparently the result of an accident.

Jane Hanlin made it abundantly clear that Malik Richmond was not involved in the incident in any way shape or form. It is also unclear if the second person arrested knew of what Nathaniel Richmond’s intentions were this morning.

The suspect remains in a 72 hour hold at this time and has not been identified to my knowledge.

Stay tuned


I never expected to be writing about anything having to do with the Big Red Rape case in Steubenville, Ohio until I received information about a shooting that has taken place on the steps of the Jefferson County courthouse.

According to local sources Judge J. BruezzeJr. was ambushed outside the courthouse and shot in the back. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment. 

The father of Malik Richmond, one of the convicted rapists in the Big Red rape incident shot Judge Bruezze in the back. In the ensuing gunfight, Mr Richard was shot by a probation officer and died.

The other suspect in the shooting was arrested and is now in custody. Three guns were used in the shootout and one of the guns was used by Judge Bruezze who returned fire after the ambush. according to a reporter for WTOV9.

Judge Bruezze is said to be in stable condition according to city manager James Mavromatis, Steubenville city manager.

I will update on this story as more information comes available.

Stay tuned




The internet wires are blazing hot with the news that Tim Holmseth is on record claiming he is coming to Santa Rosa County, Florida to fight the Injunction Thomas Olsen is filing against him. Holmseth has published scores of accusations against Thomas Olsen that he denies.

The purpose of the injunction is to require Holmseth to stop with these false accusations and remove them from all the social media websites that Holmseth operates.

Holmseth apparently does not comprehend the fact that if he does appear in court that he will be required to testify under oath in the very county that he has, in the past, accused as being part of the many conspiracies against him.

Since Santa Rosa County is a short flight from Tallahassee, Florida, it would be interesting to see if either Governor  Rick Scott or State Atty Pam Bondi show up to address the statements Holmseth has made regarding them in his blog.

In the meantime I will be checking airline schedules and car rental rates to see of an e-trip would be in the cards for me next week.

Stay tuned



Tim Holmseth, the conspiracy theorist blogger obsessed with missing and dead children is wearing out his tin hat with a slew of blogs he has written over the past few days. His most recent blog articles accuse William Staubs, from South Florida of threaten to shoot him to death and has accused Tom Olsen of being part of a Child Pornography ring.

Holmseth once again makes these accusations without offering a single shread of proof. He once again drags Kim Pickazio of South Florida into this mess in spite of a court order prohibiting him from doing so. He gets around the court order against him by “Redacting” her name yet still manages to put enough  detail in his blog articles for people to figure out who he is talking about. 

What is striking about these actions, Holmseth claims his first amendment rights are being violated. I would think that he would keep mentioning those names he redacts and fight for his rights in court.

He choses, instead, to comply with the court orders against him ( I understand there are at least three) and will probably comply with the one by Olsen if granted on August 25th.

Holmseth may well pay a huge price for his outburst and that is likely going to be from a source that has nothing to do with any of us that have been unwillingly caught up in his tin hat rampages.

To see what that is all about…..

Stay tuned



I have obtained court records detailing a request by Thomas Norman of Northwest Florida for a Petition for Injunction for Protection against Stalking. The request discussed here is in two parts. Mr Olsen wants an Injuction that would take place immediately. The second part is to have a hearing to determine if the Injunction will be permanant.

This request by Mr. Olsen is due to the numerous mentions by Mr. Holmseth of him on his blog.

Mr. Holmseth has made a great many serious accusations against Mr. Olsen and others including this author.

In this detailed Filing, Mr. Olsen begins his statement by first stating the reasons for this request. He makes note that Mr. Holmseth has been the subject of similar filings, most notably by Kim Picazio esq. Who is Mr. Olsen’s atty of record.

“Mr: Olsen states: ” Respondent (Holmseth) is a conspiracy theorist. He has previously stalked and defamed Kim Pickazio, my attorney and a high profile attorney from South Florida. Kim Pickazio then received a protective injunction against respondant who was then arrested and procuted for violating that injuction twice. He is always suing the city of East Grand Forks, MN because he believes there is a grand conspiracy against him”

Mr. Olsen is correct in this submission. All one has to do is to go through Mr. Holmseth’s blog and other multimedia sites he operates to see the widespread accusations he has made against public officials of all levels and the many private citizens that have incurred his wrath.

Mr. Olsen continues his statement;

“He then started attacking me on his website (see attach for first post pertaining to this.) He makes claims that myself, My Attorney, Levi page ( a friend and CNN contributer), officials in Flirida and Minnesota, FBI agents and even Florida Governor Rick scott all conspired with each other to kidnap and murder children nationwide. THis includes, Haleigh Cummings out of Florida. This includes Dylan Redwine out of Colorado. This even includes JonBonet Ramsey out of Colorado. He has posted all of this information on his website about me since August, 2015. He claims and these are his words “that I am a leader of some setanic cult that is part of an underground shadow government CIA operation involved in the kidnapping, murder, sales, and production of child pornography nationwide.” He makes these accusations with ZERO in proof.”

“I ask that you rule for not only this injuction, but for the respondantto remove all mention of me online dating back to August 2015. I also ask that he keeps from mentioning me on line or anywhere from now into the foreseeable future.”

” He has also attempted to contact my probation officer to try and get me violated on the allegations stated above. He claims that I made a video threatening him which is simply not true.”

At least a half dozen people including myself and myself are watching Mr. Olsen’s proceeding to see if he will be successful in his efforts.

A hearing to determine if a permanant order will be granted is scheduled for August, 25th, 2017.

I will post the result of the hearing upon obtaining the pertinent information and documents of record.

Stay tuned.




I have obtained court records regarding an action that has been filed against Timothy C Holmseth. I will be writing about this court action sometime later this afternoon 8/15/2017. it is my understanding that a hearing will be held on August, 25th, 2017 regarding this filing.

Stay tuned



The one thing people might notice when they go to Tim Holmseth’s blog and read closely, they will see that I went out of my way to defend him and turn my back on efforts to make him be unemployed.

The thanks I get for doing so is to have Tim Holmseth contact law enforcement and accuse me of being a pedophile as well as being a member of a setanic cult. 

Those tweets cost me dearly. I was attacked by a large number of people who Tim considered his enemies. I went out of my way to defend someone on principle and paid a heavy price.

It is too bad that Astro and Tim do not understand that.

Stay tuned


Anyone who knows anything about Timothy C Holmseth knows that he is obsessed with Haleigh Cummings. His blog is about a child. Because of his obsession with this little girl, he attracts those who are interested in Haleigh Cummings as well.

I wonder what those people now think when they see the kind of vile hate speech that is taking place on a blog  about a missing child? Both Tim and his apprentice Astro have used hate speech and the language gets more vile with each new post.

I suppose the use of this language is meant to get me angry and upset and perhaps they hope that I will use the same language in return. I am known for having a bad temper so I guess that is expected.

Unfortunately for them, I am not going down that road. I draw the line at hate speech. I will not play their game. If they want to demean the memory of Haleigh Cummings, they will have to do it on their own.

Stay Tuned



Just when I have seen it all, Tim Holmseth and his apprentice Astro have now used the homophobic slur Dyke in their comments to defame a married woman. It is now crystal clear exactly who Tim Holmseth really is. He is someone who hates the world and only loves himself.

His cronie apprentice condones the use of this hateful word by using it herself.

Words mean things.

Stay tuned