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When going through the court records about Tim Holmseth’s lawsuit being dismissed, I read through the scores of names mentioned as defendants. One of these names struck me as rather strange. It was the name of a woman who worked for the National Weather Service.


Timmy was suing the weather people?

I could not figure out why on earth Tim would be suing the weather bureau until I read through that portion of the complaint. As it turns out, Tim worked for a temp agency. They assigned him to the office of the Weather Service as a janitor.

The short story is that Tim got fired, got pissed, and claimed he was unjustly fired because of what he wrote on the internet. 

Fer real?

As it turns out if one were to go through the entire filing Tim made, you would see that he uses his blog to blame people for his troubles. Everyone is out to get Tim, according to him, because of his blog.

In some cases that is true because the majority of what he writes are outright lies and pure nonsense. The truth is, however, is not EVERYONE in that law suit is out to get him. Also, at least twice now the court has declared that his lawsuits have no merit.

Undeterred, however, Tim plows ahead making a fool out of himself and making our lives miserable in the process.

Such is Tim’s abuse of the internet and the court system.

Stay Tuned