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I had intended to write the second part of my expose’ on Tim Holmseth and his claim that he has filed an action and it was granted by the judge on the 23rd of this month. However something unexpected happened.  I had read his article and me along with someone going by Andy had left a comment on that article.

I check his blog from time to time to see if he writes anything new or if any comments come up on his latest articles by going to his twitter account and linking whatever is seen there.

When I did so a short while ago I got the famous “Oops that page cannot be found.” This is  usually an indication that the link has either has some problems or has been deliberately taken down.

The latter seems to be the case.

His article is gone along with the comments by me and the other poster although they remain in his “latest comments” column to the right of his website page.

The only reason I can think of him doing so is that he has been caught red handed in a lie and he was forced to remove the evidence. 

His problem is, however,  that the internet is forever. The entire article has been archived and the screenshots of the original claim is on this blog and all over the internet.

Timmy can run but he cannot hide.

Stay tuned