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The internet wires are blazing hot with the news that Tim Holmseth is on record claiming he is coming to Santa Rosa County, Florida to fight the Injunction Thomas Olsen is filing against him. Holmseth has published scores of accusations against Thomas Olsen that he denies.

The purpose of the injunction is to require Holmseth to stop with these false accusations and remove them from all the social media websites that Holmseth operates.

Holmseth apparently does not comprehend the fact that if he does appear in court that he will be required to testify under oath in the very county that he has, in the past, accused as being part of the many conspiracies against him.

Since Santa Rosa County is a short flight from Tallahassee, Florida, it would be interesting to see if either Governor  Rick Scott or State Atty Pam Bondi show up to address the statements Holmseth has made regarding them in his blog.

In the meantime I will be checking airline schedules and car rental rates to see of an e-trip would be in the cards for me next week.

Stay tuned