There is the famous experession “all blog and no show” that would seem to apply to Timothy C Holmseth today. After claiming to be leaving for Santa Rosa County, Florida last week, he was noticably absent in court this morning.

“I am heading to Santa Rosa County, Florida. Will be fighting bogus petition filed against me there. Bringing documents and NEVER BEFORE HEARD recordings. Judge will see what’s going on and who the players are. THANK YOU to those that helped. I will not be giving traveling or lodging details for security reasons. Visit (REDACTED)to see what is going on.”


What Holmseth did do was file a 56-page manifesto. I am in the process of obtaining a copy of this huge document and will publish it in a subsequent blog once I obtain it and also the other details pertaining to today’s hearing.

The premise of the hearing was nothing more than Thomas Olsen requesting that Holmseth leave him alone and to remove what he says is false statements about him that Holmseth has written about him in his blog.

I would suspect that what Holmseth filed was what he felt was his proof as to the validity of what he has written in his blog over the past three plus years.

The past accusations Holmseth has made have been quite specatular to say the least. He has named a good number of people as being part of human trafficing and child porn organizations as well as being involved in peadophelia.

These accusations, if not true, have serious ramifications for those named. Fringe groups such as Anonymous have been known to go after accused peadophiles and destroying their lives before vetting the information used to justify their attacks. 

If Mr Olsen is able to prevail and prove that what Holmseth has posted is false and defamatory, there should be serious ramifications towards Holmseth as a result. It is far past time for criminal charges to be filed against Timothy C Holmseth.

Ruining people’s lives in this manner should not be tolerated and it is about time for something to be done to stop it.

Stay tuned.



  • Eddie Boyle


    Get your head out of your ass , the issue is simple, guys a reporter, he has documented in the words of others through people’s own words, and simply put them in writing, Please never have a seen a bunch lowlifes in my opinion that have with their own mouths spoke

    You have Cobra, Picazios, Regans and the sham Page , Church as well , the whole the circus, guys never met any of them, just as you call yourself a blogger he has every right to call himself a reporter

    Very interesting stuff

    With the above being said get your head out other people’s asses as well as your own

    Regardless you act as a middleman for


      Mr. Boyle.
      Have you read what Holmseth has written about ME? Are you agreeing with what he has accused me of? I may not think that EVERYTHING he is written is fake news but there are a LOT of things he has written and a LOT of false accusations that he has put in his blog.
      IF you agree with what he has said about me, then you are proving the point I have been making about him for years.


      • Lynda

        Besides the fact that guy has no idea about sentence structure. (I’m still looking for any of those sentences to end. no periods to be found) He called Timmy a reporter LOL that should have been your first clue. If that isn’t him, it’s one of his freak buddy’s. Hey Timmy will you show up on the 6th so the judge can ask you what drugs you are on?


          I have spoken to Mr Boyle on the phone and can assure you he is not Holmseth. He has a long standing disagreement with Kim Pickazio.


      • Eddie Boyle

        I have not seen anything he’s written about you

        You are a pawn for some really creepy people


          I am disappointed that you have not done your homework. Holmseth has accused me of being a pedophile. He has accused me of being part of a child trafficking syndicate. He has accused me of wanting to rape and murder children and has not only written about these accusations in his blog but he has also made these accusations to various law enforcement agencies.

          He has made these same accusations against others including the Governor of the State of Florida and other officers of the court throughout the United States.

          You really need to closely read what he has posted. You would then understand why I am covering him so thoroughly.


    • Luna

      Mr. Boyle “The Regans” please explain what that sweet family has ever done to you? You are not even permitted to use the name Jeremiah Regan and Jeremiah is more respected than you are.

      How many people do you owe money too? You can’t even pay your bills. Eviction lately?

      Why do you idolize Mr. Holmseth?

  • Lynda

    To be a fly on that court room wall when they go for their next appearance. Anyone going?


      I had planned on it but found out the hearing is closed to the public. Only those a party to the case are allowed.