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Tim ought to become a spin writer for lying politicos. Got to give him credit for trying. the problem is that he missed the mark and lied once again. The documentation I published in my original blog was quite clear. The judge told Holmseth that he would forward the case to the Minnesota Bar Pro Bono project to see if there is a lawyer that would give him advice on weather or not he should proceed and how best to do it.

Holmseth clearly posted on his original blog the following headline and opening statement:It was only AFTER I published my prior article that he removed the original article and changed it:

The problem with the statement is that is once again not true. If so Tim Holmseth would publish the letter in it’s entirety. The judge would also would NOT have dismissed the motion outright. Tim Holmseth claims to be a journalist. As such he should have been able to make his second claim clear at the onset. He would have also published the formal letter in it’s entirety for everyone to see for themselves. He has thus far failed to produce that letter.

Holmseth should also understand that if the Judge sent such a letter, that it would be a matter of public record that will show up on PACER. I will be checking my PACER account on this coming Monday to see if the letter exists.

Stay tuned