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For some strange reason Timothy Holmseth is now attacking me on his Facebook page and not on his blog…..yet. This is probably his way of intimidating and bullying me for calling him out on some of the false narratives he has been publishing on his blog for the past several weeks.

In the posting he put up on his Facebook page, Holmseth makes an amazing accusation against me:

“Murtaugh once emailed me in advance of writing a sex based story about my children and requested I provide him information.”

Well, the problem is that Holmseth lied. The truth is well documented both in my blog and in court records in the state where Holmseth resides. Tim Holmseth sired two children, a son and a daughter. He was in an unmarried relationship at the time. At some point the biological mother became concerned about his conduct on the internet and initated a court case against him. As a result, the department of children and families got involved.

According to court records, Timothy Holmseth had become so obsessed with the Haleigh Cummnings case that he was scaring his children. One of them was interviewed by a case record and voiced his concerns.

Holmseth was ordered to take down a poster of Haleigh Cummings that was behind his desk or else lose custody of the remaining child in his home.

Holmseth then started acting as his own lawyer and began to fight the judgements against him by the court. He then posted what one would have thought was paperwork that settled the matter in his favor.

What Holmseth FORGOT to tell those reading his blog is that the paperwork was outdated. There was a subsequent action that ruled AGAINST him. That was the reason I contacted him. I wanted him to explain why there was an open case against him when he was claiming there was not.

To this day, he has never answered that question and I subsequently got ALL of the current information from the court concerning this case and many others that have gone through the courts for years.

Holmseth then posts this rather interesting tid bit:

Below you will see an actual email by Private Investigator Dominic Casey (PI for the family of Casey Anthony) that was sent to the lead detective at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office during the search for a kidnapped five year-old from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

According to PI Casey, Murtaugh admitted to killing six children and speaks sexually about children. Chats capture Murtaugh bragging about raping little kids”

I would suggest that people go and research Dominic Casey, who was a private detective who inserted himself into the Casey Anthony case and then tried to insert himself into the Haleigh Cummings case. You would find some interesting information that Tim Holmseth conveniently left out of his smearing of me.

Now for the next point. Tim Holmseth claims that I admitted to killing six children. If this is the case, why am I able to sit here and type out this blog. Why am I not in jail. Why aren’t there headlines in local and national media of me being investigated for what would have been a major news story smack in the middle of the investigation into the kidnapping of Haleigh Cummings.

The answer, of course is because Timothy Holmseth has lied yet again. The Putnam County Sheriff’s office dismissed Detective Casey’s accusations outright. I was never investigated by ANY law enforcement agency regarding Casy’s claims.

When I personally confronted Det Casey about where this information came from, he claimed it was an anonymous source and felt that it was NOT his responsibility to verify the information but rather felt it was necessary for him to turn it in to authorities.

Mr. Casey ran into some problems of his own and actually was sanctioned by the court:

Mr. Casey also made accusations against others that did not pan out so well. It would seem that he is not very good at his profession.

Moving on.

Tim holmseth has a rather interesting past. He seems to think that people will not find out the truth about him. The problem is that he has an extensive history with both law enforcement and the courts. This history is a matter of public record and easily attainable by those who seek it.

The public records document a man with a serious lack of regard for the rule of law and a disdain of the truth.

Stay tuned