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In the early 1950’s there was an effort to help Europe recover from the ravages of World War 2. It was called The Marshall plan. General George C Marshall created an advisory panel that eventually led to creation of the relief effort.

Much like Puerto Rico, the European infrastructure was devistated and getting supplies where needed was thought to be impossible. Marshall and his group overcame many obsticles and delivered millions of tons of supplies to a desperate continent in short order. 

While all modes of delivery were utilized from ships to trucks to airplanes and trains, the fastest and most effective delivery method was by parachute. Thousands of aircraft flew 24/7 making pin point drops to the worst hit areas in Europe.

It should be no problem in this day of modern aircraft and methods of delivering on the spot supplies to a devistated people. I am shocked that this has not happened already.

It is time for the bickering and politics to stop immediately.

Get a “Puerto Rican Marshall plan” into place right now.

Stay tuned