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Back when I was livestreaming stories of the search for Caylee Anthony and the trial of Casey Anthony, I came across the name Courtney Thomas. Courtney is a 30ish young lady that lives in Orlando, Florida. She is a bright young lady who, like many in her age, has taken to social media and kept up with the advances that have taken place.

One of these advances has been live streaming on Facebook. I am not sure when Courtney started using this option. In the past I have seen her put up various selfies of herself and her surroundings often using apps that allow her to make charactures of herself.

She is a happy go lucky young woman who enjoys life and her on line persona. It was therefore sad to tune in on the day of this writing and see a tear laden Courtney voice her concerns over the coming hurricane Irma.

In a way Courtney is a voice for all of us. This is going to be the worst hurricane to hit Florida. It is projected to be a catagory 2 at the minimum when it reaches our area. The damage from this storm will be substantial. 

Courtney is that sunshine in the darkness, however. In her webcast she has demonstrated a degree of courage few of us have. She is willing to face the world and voice her concerns along with giving us all inspriation in that if we all stick together, we will ride out this storm.

May God Bless you Courtney

Stay tuned


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    • Sheila
    • Posted September 8, 2017 at 3:25 pm
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    Keep safe Murt & family.

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