At approximately 10:00 am EST, Thomas N Olsen was granted an an Injunction against Timothy Holmseth who had mentioned him over 100 times in a series of acccsatory articles falsely tying Olsen to “pedophile groups” “Setanic cults” and participating in actions involving rutuals and the abuse and kiddnapping of children.

Since Timothy Holmseth did not appear in person in court, the injunction was granted by default. I am awaiting the complete court documentation in order to go over the specific details of what will be required of Tim Holmseth as far as removal of Olsen’s name from his social media accounts as well as an order to refrain from any further mention of Mr Olsen on any of his social media accounts.

I will be doing a follow up blog article once I receive the records.

It is my understanding that in light of Mr. Olsen’s being able to prevail against Tim Holmseth that many others who have been victimized by him will be filing similar judgements.

I am expecting the court documents to be in my possession later this afternoon.

Stay tuned



  • Lynda

    Since Holmseth has named all major authority figures in his area for different things, and filing something every other day, they will more than happy to put him away somewhere I am guessing


      The key here is that the courts are going to demonstrate that Tim Holmseth is a stalker. One Judgment might not be enough to convince the general public, but a dozen of them would. This is going to do a lot to damage his reputation as a journalist even more that has been done already.


  • Tom Retzlaff

    yeah, lol. good luck in trying to get it enforced. There was a crazy retard in San Jose who thought he could get his out-of-state restraining order enforced in my home state, too. And we all know how well that worked out, eh?


      Time will tell. BY the way, the photo I commonly use is a mugshot that was taken when Holmseth was arrested on a Florida warrant sent to his home state in Minnesota. He is risking arrest yet again since he is still violating that injunction. Olsen will fight hard for any arrest warrent enforcement in the event Holmseth violates. Holmseth must feel he is in trouble since he has started to discontunue to use Olsen’s name in his blog. This is the third injunction granted against Holmseth and it is my understand that there will be more of these injunctions levied in the near future.


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