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Sometimes a disaster brings out the WORST in people. This comment that was posted today is a prime example of that. I guess the person who wrote that had to goal of making me angry, or sad, or depressed. He did none of that. I have had so many of these kinds of comments on my social media accounts over the years that I have become immune to them.

What I have been able to conclude from them however is that these kinds of comments prove that there are people out there so capable of hating to this degree that they are also capable of creating false content in an effort to spread lies about those they target and having complete disregard for the safety and well being of those they choose to defame.

When I see comments of this nature I also wonder if this is the person who hacked my social media websites and created the fake chat that has been so often used against me. The person seems obsessed with my live truck and events that have long passed years ago.

The truth is coming out but just a tad late.

Stay tuned