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It seems that this happens every time when a disaster strikes. There are greedy businesses both small and large corporations who take advantage of the victims of disasters by hugely increasing prices for food, gasoline and now air fares.

The pattern in the past is for news stories to be aired about these abuses, a few prosecuted under anti price gouging laws and people expressing their anger on the internet.

As time passes, however, the anger fades and people contunue to do business with the gougers once their prices drop to pre-disaster levels.

It is time to stop this pattern and take a stand against price gouging.

It is long past time to PERMANANTALY BOYCOTT the price gougers. Their short time greed must be met with a sustained boycott that would levy a huge price for those who engage in gouging.

Why do business with a thief?

It is time to show gougers that this will no longer be tolerated. Hit the gougers in the pocketbook. Put the gougers, big and small, out of business. 

Stay tuned