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Monthly Archives: September 2017

In one of the oddest tirades against me on Facebook to date, Tim Holmseth, while lying about me once again brings up the work of Joshua Wayne Melton aka MonoxideMMAC. What is surprising here is that apparently Tim Holmseth did not do his homework when it came to the connection between Melton and Melinda Duckett, the mother of Trenton Duckett. If he had done so, he would have come across a rather interesting clue that if investigated, might solve the case of still missing Trenton Duckett.

Here is the clue for Mr. Holmseth to ponder:

Joshuah Wayne Melton was once purported to live in Fruitland Park, Florida. Melinda Duckett along with her son lived in Leesburg, Florida which is less than a 10 minute drive from where Melton lived. Melton was living in Fruitland Park when Trenton Duckett was reported missing.

Since Timothy Holmseth has labeled Melton a pornographer and pedophile, perhaps he can ponder the meaning of this clue and perhaps to use his “investigative” skills to see if this is a significant clue that just might solve that still open case.


Timothy Charles Holmseth has bragged for almost a decade that he is an award winning journalist who has worked with the FBI and other important sources of information as self validation of what he has written on his various social media websites as well as uploading various audio and video content to “prove” the truth of his accusations and claims.

The problem with his alleged credentials is they do not live up to his claims. When criticizing me for my comment on his Youtube account, Holmseth advises people to use Google to find the proof of what he claims to be his evidence or truth of his accusations.

Even the pre-teen agers who use Youtube and similar search engines know that what they do is search out keywords or pharases. Google and other search engines do not vouch for the varacity of the content of the search results. Search utilities are nothing more than the library card look up utilities of the internet and not the seekers of the truth.

Timothy C Holmseth then feigns ignorance of even the most basic voice changers or voice modulators. Tim Holmseth feigns ignorance of voice changers that can change ones gender from male to female or visa versa as well as apps that will imitate voices of known individuals such as President Obama or President Trump.

I find Tim Holmseth’s claim not to know the existence of this software since he has published an example of a rather sophisticated version of this content  a bit odd when he published a song by Johnny Cash using lyrics Tim himself made up.

Tim has yet to explain how he was able to create that song since it was NOT him nor the now dead Johnny cash who sung the songs he has published. Anyone who has heard Tim’s real voice would clearly understand that he did not sing any of the songs he has published.

I personally took recordings of the Johnny Cash songs and his known voice and ran them while hooked up to an oscilloscope and they did not match. A person’s voice is like a fingerprint. It is quite unique and while the voice may be imitated, it cannot be duplicated. The waveform on an oscilloscope will display the differences. 

It would be interesting to see Tim Holmseth address these issues without reverting to the name calling bullying he has done when replying to my comments and those of others.

Tim Holmseth claims to be a journalist. It is about time he started acting like one.

Stay tuned


Tim Holmseth seems to think it is both funny and a joke that he has ruined the reputation of innocent people by inserting them into his wild and crazy conspiracy theories. Tim Holmseth literally thinks it is funny that people are angry that he is falsely accusing them of murdering children, kidnapping children and taking them across state lines and so forth.

To make it perfectly clear, I do not condone the use of voice changers in telephone calls and the tone of the people making those calls. It does more damage than good. However, it has been proven that Holmseth is able to use content altering utilities in his publication. The two “Johnny Cash” songs Tim produced that had different lyrics than the original are prime examples of his experteese in this area.

The utilities that can be used to create the calls and the songs are free or fairly cheap to obtain. It would not be a stretch to assume that TIm Holmseth is creating these calls himself simply to make himself look good and also paint himself as the victim.

The fact that Tim laughs off the false accusations he has made is quite disturbing and points out the lack of empathy he has towards those he claims to have never met. I guess it is easier for him to trash the lives of people he does not know rather than to trash the lives of those close to him. 

Attacking those one does not personally know nor have personally met is cowardly.

Thus, Timothy C Holmseth is a coward.

Stay tuned


It seems rather weird but ever since I started writing my series of articles about Tim Holmseth and prior to that about Deric Lostutter, I have been getting an ever increasing number of trolls invading my blog with their continued defense of these two characters.

In the case of Deric Lostutter, I can understand this defense to a small degree as there are those out there who think it is perfectly fine to break the law and hack into a private website if they feel the cause is justified. In this case there are those under the mistaken belief that breaking into a fan sports website did something to either solve the Steubenville rape case or bring justice to thise involved in one way or another.

The truth is just the opposite. The hacking did a lot more harm to the case than any good. It scared away potential witnesses to the crime and probably prevented others from being prosecuted. Deric’s other alleged actions also tormented many innocents in their families for no good reason other than show that he was capable of tormenting whoever he pleases.

And then there is Timothy Holmseth. Why this man has anyone defending him is also beyond comprehension. He has accused people of the worst kind of criminal acts one could imagine. He has done so for just under a decade and there seems to be no stopping him.

He has tormented innocent victims and ruined their lives and reputations. He continues to do so each and every day. He keeps making claim after claim of having evidence of who did what to whom yet refuses to produce said evidence. Instead he cries out that he will be arrested if he publishes this evidence as an excuse for not providing it.

When I point out these facts about these two characters, I get attacked for stalking them. I have learned, however, that it does no good to argue common sense to haters and trolls. Their motivation is not in learning the truth but rather their motive is nothing more than to play games and to be a general nuisance.

Trolls and haters offer nothing more than worthless text that only demonstrates that they are the fools who serve no usefull purpose in live.

The are the mindless souless residents of the dark and musty basements of life.

Stay Tuned


Tim Holmseth must have been quite a creative kid in being able to come up with the darndest excuses for skipping school. He certainly came up with some whoppers to explain why he cannot provide the alleged proof he has to back up the unmitigated bullshit he has been writing in his blog for the past 8 years or so.

Tim Holmseth once again is throwing a tantrum about the increasing number of visits from process servers with orders for him to quit lying about people. Three separate courts have adjudicated Timothy C Holmseth as an on line stalker.

Another point that Holmseth tries to make as an excuse as to why he should not be served with the judgments is that he has not met the people who had the orders served against him. That is precisely what is WRONG with what Holmseth is doing. He is making extreme accusations against a great number of people that he has not met which makes the strong point that he cannot possibly know exactly who these people are or what exactly what they may or may not have done.

Tim Holmseth claims to have hundreds of hours of recordings of people he has not met. So, how does he know these recordings are genuine if he has not met the people behind the recordings. Is he just taking the word of people in the recordings that they are who they say they are?

IF Holmseth is withholding evidence of a crime simply because he feels he is risking arrest, he may be guilty of failing to report a felony crime and failing to report a kidnapping since that is what he claims to have first hand proof of. Perhaps law enforcement needs to investigate Tim to see if he is, in fact, withholding evidence of kidnapping of a child. That is a pretty serious violation of the law.

In these modern times where virtually everything can be forged faked or simply made up, having a recording alleged to have people participating in them who are people Tim declares he has not met is simply not enough proof for him to make the case for his accusations.

He is obligated to prove that the people in the recordings and other pieces of evidence are who they say they are or that he claims they are who he claims them to be.

A good and ETHICAL journalist knows these things and an ethical journalist goes out of the way to verify the information is true and that the people named in recordings and files are who they are supposed to be.

Now rather than address these issues, Timothy is likely once again going to come up with the same tired old excuses as to why he cannot provide the necessary proof to back up his claims.

Tim also conveniently leaves out that the one order by Kim Picazio was granted because of his constant harassment of her, her family and those close to her. He was ruled a stalker and WAS arrested because he immediately violated the order she had placed against him. 

What Tim does not seem to understand is that ” the willful infliction of emotional distress” is a form of domestic violence under the law and does also fall under the cyber stalking torts which the judges have decided warranted granting the judgements against him.

On a final note, Tim might want to have some coffee and doughnuts handy for the many Polk County  Sheriff deputies that will be showing up with more judgement orders against him since that seems to be the only way to get him to quit terrorizing the innocent victims of his constant harassment of them.

Stay tuned


Timothy C Holmseth once again has met defeat in the courts as his order for removal request was denied by the Santa Rosa Florida court. He claims that he is on firm legal ground which, of course, he is not. Regardless of what Holmseth claims, he is currently forced to redact the names of an increasing number of people who have successfully obtained court orders against Holmseth forcing him to remove their names from his publications.

As the orders pile up against him, Holmseth will be forced to redact name after name after name causing him to be unable to accuse a specific person by name and thus defeat the whole purpose of his defamatory smear campaign against people who he has never met.

That will be, at least a partial victory for all of us who have had to endure the false claims he has made against us for almost a decade.

Timothy C Holmseth has yet to provide one single varifyable piece of evidence to back up his claims. In addition he has also flat out lied when advocating his claims against virtually everyone he has targeted.

It is a shame that he is allowed to get away with these cruel actions but progress is being made one day at a time. What will never be able to be accomplished is the repair of the lives he has forever damaged with his outlandish defamatory blog and multimedia websites.

Once a lie is spread, it is hard to retract it.

Stay tuned


One of the biggest problems with the first amendment is that it allows people to make complete idiots out of themselves and ruin the lives of others in the process. One prime example of the extreme abuses of the first amendment is one Timothy Charles Holmseth.

For almost a decade, Timothy Holmseth, a self professed journalist has been writing outlandish and defamatory conspiracy theories about anyone he considers part of a plot to either murder or kidnap children.

In his latest rant, Holmseth launches into a disgusting and graphic accusation against the father of a former boyfriend of Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee Anthony who went on trial for the murder of her daughter.

Rev. Richard Grund has been a target of Timothy Holmseth a number of times in the past. If you Google the name Richard Grund, the first dozen or so references are all from the various social media websites that make up Timothy C Holmsth’s”media empire.” 

Time and again Holmseth has come up with accusations and theories that he is unable to prove. He uses the conventient excuse that he will be arrested or that there are various groups that will ruin him and his family if he were to disclose the proof to back them up. He posts pictures of flash drives he claims to have been sent to him by anonymous sources or includes audio recordings as an attempt to bolster his claims.

The problem is that the photo of the flash drive it is just that, a PHOTO of a flash drive. There is no evidence to prove that the drive was actually sent to him or the likely truth that he probably went to his local Wal Mart and purchased the thing himself.

One audio recording he claimed was proof of a missing child being kidnapped turned out to be nothing more that someone making an unwanted harassing phone call to a woman who clearly did not want to to talk to the caller.

He uses an old custody hearing between him and the mother of his children as evidence of his accusations and conspiracy theories. He files court paper after court paper blaming a vast conspiracy by a group of child traffickers and the like for the custody battle against him rather than the alleged true reason that his obsession with the Haleigh Cummings missing child case did not go over so well with his children.

Tim Holmseth has gone so far as to sue the National Weather Service because he was not able to hold a job. It is alleged that the real reason he could not hold the job was due to ” personal hygene issues.” In otherwords, he stank. 

The problem is not so much with Holmseth’s obsession with his conspiracy theories and the graphic detail he goes into in the process, but the fact that there are people out there who either believe what he writes is the truth or at the minimum give him the benefit of the doubt.

After all, some point out, Tim IS an award winning journalist. That is not exactly true. It is a bit of a false narrative for the “award” in question was actually recogniction given to a GROUP Tim was part of that collectively wrote an article about bio fuels for a small local newspaper. The award was akin to winning a baking contest at a county fair.

It has been reported that Tim was alleged to have been fired by the same publication for plagurism, again, having to do with the same series of articles. 

It is because of Tim Holmseth and the many others like him that social media websites have become something of a joke. There was one time that Social media and Citiziten Journalism was looked at as an alternative to the “biased mainstream media” or MSM as it is commonly referred to. 

That impression by the public soon vanished when the likes of Timothy C Holmseth started to appear and publish wild and baseless articles with absolutely no evidence to back up what they claimed in their articles.

As sophisticated publishing software and multimedia software bacame more and more available, Holmseth and others were able to make convincing and “professional” looking presentations resembling what is seen on mainstream television.

The advent of this technology has made it that much more difficult for the general public to discern what is real and what is fake news.

The net result has been that the public has learned that it cannot rely on Social Media publications and broadcasts for factual reporting and has returned to the only reliable source of factual information:

Mainstream Media.

It is unlikely that the damage caused by the likes of Timothy Charles Holmseth will ever be repaired and that the only good that well be seen of social media will be videos of cats making fools of themselves.

Stay tuned



Sometimes a disaster brings out the WORST in people. This comment that was posted today is a prime example of that. I guess the person who wrote that had to goal of making me angry, or sad, or depressed. He did none of that. I have had so many of these kinds of comments on my social media accounts over the years that I have become immune to them.

What I have been able to conclude from them however is that these kinds of comments prove that there are people out there so capable of hating to this degree that they are also capable of creating false content in an effort to spread lies about those they target and having complete disregard for the safety and well being of those they choose to defame.

When I see comments of this nature I also wonder if this is the person who hacked my social media websites and created the fake chat that has been so often used against me. The person seems obsessed with my live truck and events that have long passed years ago.

The truth is coming out but just a tad late.

Stay tuned


The time is drawing near for me to bug out of here. There is now a mandatory evacuation order for those of us who live in mobile homes to evacuate. I am in the process of packing the car and we will leaving here for a nearby shelter in the next few hours. I am charging up all of my devices so I should be able to check in from time to time as long as wifi and cell service stays up.

It would appear that I will be in the shelter until at least sometime Monday as they will not allow people to leave until areas are clear. I hope that all others who are in the same situation I am will come through this unharmed.

Stay Tuned


Back when I was livestreaming stories of the search for Caylee Anthony and the trial of Casey Anthony, I came across the name Courtney Thomas. Courtney is a 30ish young lady that lives in Orlando, Florida. She is a bright young lady who, like many in her age, has taken to social media and kept up with the advances that have taken place.

One of these advances has been live streaming on Facebook. I am not sure when Courtney started using this option. In the past I have seen her put up various selfies of herself and her surroundings often using apps that allow her to make charactures of herself.

She is a happy go lucky young woman who enjoys life and her on line persona. It was therefore sad to tune in on the day of this writing and see a tear laden Courtney voice her concerns over the coming hurricane Irma.

In a way Courtney is a voice for all of us. This is going to be the worst hurricane to hit Florida. It is projected to be a catagory 2 at the minimum when it reaches our area. The damage from this storm will be substantial. 

Courtney is that sunshine in the darkness, however. In her webcast she has demonstrated a degree of courage few of us have. She is willing to face the world and voice her concerns along with giving us all inspriation in that if we all stick together, we will ride out this storm.

May God Bless you Courtney

Stay tuned