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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Tim holmseth, the conspiracy theorist tried to interfere the probation of the man who was able to get the State of Florida to declare him a Stalker. Holmseth sent all of his conspiracy theories to Thomas Olsen’s probation officer in an attempt to get him sent to jail.

The probation officer did not keep the files Tim sent but instead gave it to Olsen to do with what he pleases. This is yet another example of how Tim Holmseth has wasted his time going after people he has never met and because of his excessive need for attention, attempts to destroy their lives.

Stay tuned


It seems that this happens every time when a disaster strikes. There are greedy businesses both small and large corporations who take advantage of the victims of disasters by hugely increasing prices for food, gasoline and now air fares.

The pattern in the past is for news stories to be aired about these abuses, a few prosecuted under anti price gouging laws and people expressing their anger on the internet.

As time passes, however, the anger fades and people contunue to do business with the gougers once their prices drop to pre-disaster levels.

It is time to stop this pattern and take a stand against price gouging.

It is long past time to PERMANANTALY BOYCOTT the price gougers. Their short time greed must be met with a sustained boycott that would levy a huge price for those who engage in gouging.

Why do business with a thief?

It is time to show gougers that this will no longer be tolerated. Hit the gougers in the pocketbook. Put the gougers, big and small, out of business. 

Stay tuned


Timotny C Holmseth is having a big temper tantrum today claiming that he would not be able to publish anything due to a single judgement against stalking ordered against him by a Florida court.

He lied………..again.

Holmseth is actually free to advocate all of the wild and silly conspiracy theories he wishes. He just cannot defame and slander people while doing so. He has had the annoying habit, in the past, of accusing people of things they did not say and did not do. He has accused people of being murders of children, aiding the murder of children, trafficking in the sale of children and of being pedophiles.

Timothy C Holmseth has nobody to blame for the court actions but himself. He has taken the power he has as a “journalist” and abused it. There is no such thing as a freedom to slander and defame people. There is a price to be paid for doing so and Holmseth is paying that price.

Stay tuned


According to the judgement requested by Thomas Olsen of Santa Rosa County, Florida, Tim Holmseth has been determined to be a stalker and as a result has been served with a final judgement to that effect.Permanent Order

Now that this judgment has been filed and granted by the Florida court, it is likely that more judgements will be filed and that more will be granted.

It will also be interesting how Tim Holmseth reacts to this judgement.

Stay tuned




Within two weeks two alleged stalkers have lost their cases in court. The first one to lose in court is Deric Lostutter, who is now in jail for his part in computer hacking during the big red rape case in Steubenville, Ohio. He had been accused of stalking by an Ohio woman and she sought and was granted an injunction against stalking against him.

Lostutter had recently filed a motion to have the injunction vacated. His motion was recently denied and the injunction was denied.

The next face of a stalker is none other than Timothy C Holmseth a conspiracy theorist from northwest Minnesota. Holmseth has been accusing a great number of people of horrific actions involving missing children for almost a decade. He was first served with an injuction against stalking by Kim Picazio, an attorney from South Florida. He immediately violated the injunction and was arrested when a warrant was issued by the judge in Florida who granted the injunction.

Thomas Olsen, who also lives in Florida had been a target of Holmseth for at least the past two years. Thomas Olsen went to Santa Rosa, Florida county court where on the day of this writing, he was granted a judgement by default against Holmseth.

Last month, Holmseth stated several times he was going to dispute the injunction and as recently as two days ago had claimed to have filed papers with the court with what he claims was supporting evidence sufficent enough to have the injunction denied.

What Holmseth did NOT do, has he stated what he was going to do, was to appear in court to dispute the injunction in person. As a result, he lost by default.

There have been some recent comments by those who think this latest injunction will not be enforceable. Those who made these comments may find out they are wrong since there is a prior history of these court actions being enforced.

As for what will happen in the future with these injuctions, time will tell. Holmseth and Lostutter, for some strange reason refuse to go on with their lives and leave their victims alone. Their stubburnes may be come at a high price. 

Stay Tuned




At approximately 10:00 am EST, Thomas N Olsen was granted an an Injunction against Timothy Holmseth who had mentioned him over 100 times in a series of acccsatory articles falsely tying Olsen to “pedophile groups” “Setanic cults” and participating in actions involving rutuals and the abuse and kiddnapping of children.

Since Timothy Holmseth did not appear in person in court, the injunction was granted by default. I am awaiting the complete court documentation in order to go over the specific details of what will be required of Tim Holmseth as far as removal of Olsen’s name from his social media accounts as well as an order to refrain from any further mention of Mr Olsen on any of his social media accounts.

I will be doing a follow up blog article once I receive the records.

It is my understanding that in light of Mr. Olsen’s being able to prevail against Tim Holmseth that many others who have been victimized by him will be filing similar judgements.

I am expecting the court documents to be in my possession later this afternoon.

Stay tuned


There comes a time in protracted campaigns or projects where is something is not working or being productive, that a decision must be made what to do next, if anything at all. I have reached one of these points or thresholds.

I have studied my options carefully, sought out advice, listen to input by others and as a result of all of this I have come up with a plan. It is, I feel, a direct and specific response to the problem at hand.

So now I venture down this new path to a new destination.

Stay tuned


In his latest rant, Tim Holmseth claims to have filed a notice of removal. The problem is that he filed in the wrong judical district. Instead, he posted his conspiracy theories once again along with an old recording of what is apparently William Staubs and someone else trying to call someone only to have that person hang up on him and another woman heard in the recording.

Holmseth does not explain what the context of this call is and how this ties into his notice of removal. Holmseth also does not include a case number that would be supplied by the court making any search for the court record of this filing if he even made one.

Holmseth also does not explain exacly what it is he wants removed. The reference of Tom Olsen who lives hundreds of miles from Central Florida may have to do with a temporary injunction granted to Olsen that prohibits Holmseth from mentioning him on any of his social media accounts.

Holseth has filed his action with the wrong court. Since the action Tim is disputing originated in Northwest Florida, he would need to file any notice of removal in that district, not in Orlando  through Ocala, Florida where the Federal court for this district is located. Also, if my name turns up on anything he DID file, I could force him to appear in The federal district court in Ocala, Florida personally to answer for whatever he has stated about me. If he were not to appear (as was the case with Olsen’s filings, his notice would be dismissed outright.

The next hearing to deal with a permant court order is slated for September 6th in Santa Rosa County Florida. Holmseth would have to appear in person to defend his actions or the filing by Olsen would be granted by default. 

It is not likely he filed anything since I have made FOIA requests for copies of these notices and have been told by the individual courts that there have been no filings.

This time Holmseth has filed in what he claims is the 9th district which is Orlando and where I reside. It is a 2 hour drive to the federal courthouse from my house so it is a simple matter to personally visit the court and seek out these records much faster.

In addition, there is this. In civil cases that involve a federal statute or law that are originally brought in state court, a party may seek to remove or shift the case to a federal court in that jurisdiction to be heard. Removal isn’t even remotely applicable in this case and is not available.

He’s forgetting that this isn’t a case where he’s suing for anything. He’s a Respondent in a DV injunction case. Removal applies only where causes of action raise federal questions. He can’t bring causes of action, or counter sue as a Respondent in a civil DV injunction case, which is based on Florida state statute. So no, removal isn’t available to him. That’s a very simple explanation of a very complex area of the law.  Suffice it to say, he’s using concepts he doesn’t understand and are being incorrectly applied. You can’t remove to federal court in a civil DV injunction case.

I should know by sometime next week if Holmseth has filed anything or if he is lying yet again.

Stay tuned


Recently I published a highly detailed post that pointed out the fraudulent why he posted songs on his Youtube page and linked them to his various social media accounts. In one part of my article, I posted a link to an open letter that was posted on a blog by an anonymous person who claimed to have been part of an extensive smear campaign against me using false narratives, prank phone calls and so forth.

The open letter seemed to bother Tim Holmseth more than the fact that I provided proof that Tim was likely fabricating the bulk of the multimedia material that he has posted on his various accounts.

Tim completely ignored my demands for him to prove his accusations against me. What he did post the following:

Timothy Charles Holmseth I see somebody posted an ‘Open Letter to Murt’ that talks about how terrible poor Murt has been treated. Who authored that letter? First and Last name? Does anyone know.”

Now, Tim has in his resume that he is an award winning investigative journalist. For YEARS he has published article after article claiming to have a lot of damaging information against a lot of people both ordinary and powerful. Even on the day of this writing, Tim  claims to have breaking information and even claims there is a tape that may be a breakthrough of some kind.

It would seem to me that if Tim is what he says he is, he would have no trouble doing some investigating and find the clues that might help him identify who that person is rather than asking people with nowhere near the qualifications he claims to possess to find this information out. 

Now bear this in mind when we discuss the “Pedophile” song Tim uploaded smearing me. In that video he posted what he claims is a chat of me saying some rather disturbing things about children. What is important here is he posted the files and images without once asking for names and proof the material is real.

He simply took the material at face value without fact checking which is a complete failure of Tim to engage in ethical or professional journaism.

Seek Truth and
Report It

“Ethical journalism should be accurate and fair. Journalists should be honest and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.”

“– Provide context. Take special care not to misrepresent or oversimplify in promoting, previewing or summarizing a story. “

“– Never deliberately distort facts or context, including visual information. Clearly label illustrations and re-enactments. “

Journalists should:

Balance the public’s need for information against potential harm or discomfort. Pursuit of the news is not a license for arrogance or undue intrusiveness. “

Show compassion for those who may be affected by news coverage. Use heightened sensitivity when dealing with juveniles, victims of sex crimes, and sources or subjects who are inexperienced or unable to give consent. Consider cultural differences in approach and treatment.”

Holmseth has violated these codes of ethics and many more. He is a disgrace to the profession of journalism. Tim Holmseth is NO journalist.

Tim holmseth is nothing more than a blogger with a chip on his sholder who takes out his failures in life on the innocent people he targets.

Stay tuned


As a supposed journalist, Timothy C  Holmseth seems to have a problem vetting his source material. Earlier today I published an article explaining a theory as to how Tim may be creating fake recordings using any one of many voice imitator and voice alteration applications widely available on the internet:

Rather than attempt to prove me wrong and offer evidence to back up his belief that I am not correct, he avoides the issue completely and makes yet another song imitating the voice of the deceased Johnny Cash. In the process he is supporting my theory once again.

This time he uses the instrumental track of Ghost Riders in the Sky which is also a famous Johnny Cash tune.

I have been getting a lot of feedback from people on Twitter who are experts with this technology and they firmly believe that Tim is using commonly available technology to create the false material on his blogs and youtube sites.

Tim is getting real upset that he is being exposed as a fraud and is attacking me for finally exposing him in the hopes I will stop.

Tim Holmseth even goes so far as to use the fake chats created by a convicted pedophile and blogger who used to make a joke about abusing and raping women. Holmseth apparently is not concerned about the character of those who generate this false information as long as it suits his demented purposes.

Tim Holmseth’s continued attacks do nothing more than provide MORE proof of his wrongdoing and the extent that he will go to ruin people for exposing him for the liar he is.

Stay tuned for the next rabbit Holmseth pulls out of his tin hat.

Stay tuned