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Within two weeks two alleged stalkers have lost their cases in court. The first one to lose in court is Deric Lostutter, who is now in jail for his part in computer hacking during the big red rape case in Steubenville, Ohio. He had been accused of stalking by an Ohio woman and she sought and was granted an injunction against stalking against him.

Lostutter had recently filed a motion to have the injunction vacated. His motion was recently denied and the injunction was denied.

The next face of a stalker is none other than Timothy C Holmseth a conspiracy theorist from northwest Minnesota. Holmseth has been accusing a great number of people of horrific actions involving missing children for almost a decade. He was first served with an injuction against stalking by Kim Picazio, an attorney from South Florida. He immediately violated the injunction and was arrested when a warrant was issued by the judge in Florida who granted the injunction.

Thomas Olsen, who also lives in Florida had been a target of Holmseth for at least the past two years. Thomas Olsen went to Santa Rosa, Florida county court where on the day of this writing, he was granted a judgement by default against Holmseth.

Last month, Holmseth stated several times he was going to dispute the injunction and as recently as two days ago had claimed to have filed papers with the court with what he claims was supporting evidence sufficent enough to have the injunction denied.

What Holmseth did NOT do, has he stated what he was going to do, was to appear in court to dispute the injunction in person. As a result, he lost by default.

There have been some recent comments by those who think this latest injunction will not be enforceable. Those who made these comments may find out they are wrong since there is a prior history of these court actions being enforced.

As for what will happen in the future with these injuctions, time will tell. Holmseth and Lostutter, for some strange reason refuse to go on with their lives and leave their victims alone. Their stubburnes may be come at a high price. 

Stay Tuned