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Tim Holmseth seems to think it is both funny and a joke that he has ruined the reputation of innocent people by inserting them into his wild and crazy conspiracy theories. Tim Holmseth literally thinks it is funny that people are angry that he is falsely accusing them of murdering children, kidnapping children and taking them across state lines and so forth.

To make it perfectly clear, I do not condone the use of voice changers in telephone calls and the tone of the people making those calls. It does more damage than good. However, it has been proven that Holmseth is able to use content altering utilities in his publication. The two “Johnny Cash” songs Tim produced that had different lyrics than the original are prime examples of his experteese in this area.

The utilities that can be used to create the calls and the songs are free or fairly cheap to obtain. It would not be a stretch to assume that TIm Holmseth is creating these calls himself simply to make himself look good and also paint himself as the victim.

The fact that Tim laughs off the false accusations he has made is quite disturbing and points out the lack of empathy he has towards those he claims to have never met. I guess it is easier for him to trash the lives of people he does not know rather than to trash the lives of those close to him. 

Attacking those one does not personally know nor have personally met is cowardly.

Thus, Timothy C Holmseth is a coward.

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