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Timotny C Holmseth is having a big temper tantrum today claiming that he would not be able to publish anything due to a single judgement against stalking ordered against him by a Florida court.

He lied………..again.

Holmseth is actually free to advocate all of the wild and silly conspiracy theories he wishes. He just cannot defame and slander people while doing so. He has had the annoying habit, in the past, of accusing people of things they did not say and did not do. He has accused people of being murders of children, aiding the murder of children, trafficking in the sale of children and of being pedophiles.

Timothy C Holmseth has nobody to blame for the court actions but himself. He has taken the power he has as a “journalist” and abused it. There is no such thing as a freedom to slander and defame people. There is a price to be paid for doing so and Holmseth is paying that price.

Stay tuned