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The term I use in the title of this blog article is one that I do not use lightly. I use it because Timothy C Holmseth fits the definition of the term perfectly. Over the last decade or so he has engaged in writing conspiracy theories concerning missing and murdered children.

His actions have caused unnecessary harm to an increasing number of people including public servants and members of the law enforcement community starting at the local level and working up through the federal level and even into the intelligence community.

Mr. Holmseth first came to my attention several years ago when I saw a blogger out of Atlanta Georgia constantly writing about him. The blogger in question was also writing about a group comprised mostly of grand mothers, married and single mothers and others concerned about the fate of Caylee Anthony. Their interest was primarily in boycotting any effort by Casey Anthony or her family to make money off of the death of Caylee.

Rather than engaging in a frank and mature discussion of her disagreement with the group’s actions, the blogger engaged in personal attacks of each member of the group. She published personal information on her blog that was extensive enough to pose a danger to themselves and their families due to the sick predators that populate the internet.

I objected to the blogger doing this and voiced my concerns. The price I paid for doing this continues to this day. Immediately after I discussed the situation about the blogger in question, she went on the attack. I became her primary target. Quite suddenly a great deal of false information about me and anyone who was my friend started to appear on her blog.

Shortly after the attacks began by the blogger, I was put in contact with Kim Picazio a Florida lawyer who had come to the aid of the biological mother of another missing child, Haleigh Cummings.

Things did not go well between me and Mrs. Picazio. I objected strongly to her take on the situation with the blogger and we soon engaged in a private battle between us that lasted several years.

The battle ended, strangely enough, when she found out that the blogger had actually been secretly pitting both friends and foes against each other. The blogger had been creating troll accounts that she used to feed false information to parties engaged in all kinds of disputes.

The parties included Timothy C Holmseth, his enemies and his allies.

Once this information became public, the infighting against all involved came to a screeching halt. Today, the blogger has gone dark. There has not been a word from the blogger in months.

Timothy C Holmseth, for some odd reason decided to fill the void and start things up again. He has a bit of a problem, however. He has engaged in the same kind of behavior against Mrs. Picazio and as a result had a court order issued against him prohibiting him from contacting Mrs. Pickazio, her family or anyone associated with her legal firm. He is also prohibited from mentioning her name in any manner whatsoever.

He now refers to Mrs. Pickazio as (REDACTED) in an attempt to avoid being arrested for being in violation of the court order which is permanent.

It turns out that there is at least two more of these court orders in place as can be noted simply by reading the scores of blog articles he has written over the years. He will either leave the names blank or he will post (REDACTED) along with clues about who he is talking about in his articles.

A few years ago, for reasons that escape me to this day, Mr. Holmseth started attacking me personally. He used the same false information that the Atlanta blogger used against me for years. He even reported me to the Minnesota law enforcement agencies where he resides.

Mr. Holmseth apparently forgot that it was my defense of HIM that got me into the situation I was in and am still in today.

Timothy Holmseth has made some rather bizarre accusations against me. As is my habit, I counter these kinds of accusations in an attempt to defend my reputation against these false accusations.

I have suffered both personally and financially in the past from these false accusations and since Holmseth has a new but small audience, I felt it necessary to state my side of things on this blog.

Mr Holmseth, rather than putting up any kind of proof to back up his accusations (other than the false narratives created by the aforementioned blogger) with solid evidence has gone on the offensive using his conspiracy theories and using so called facts that he has made up out of thin air.

In his latest article his so called facts have gone so far into the abyss that I cannot even figure out what the heck he is talking about. For instance there is this:

“The attorney is allegedly using a media agent named William K. Murtaugh who drives a creep van and has been interjecting himself into missing child cases for nearly a decade.”

He keeps accusing me of being a media agent, whatever that is. I am a retired truck driver. I have absolutely no educational or professional background as a journalist or as a press secretary which is the closest description of the term he is using. I am certain that if Mrs. Pickazio were to employ someone to do what he is accusing her of, she would pick someone more qualified to do the job.

Holmseth further confuses the situation with this tidbit:

“According to multiple sources, the ‘creep van lawyer’ is very dangerous and sadistically starved her/his own child until the little girl was hospitalized – near death – from malnutrition.

One source possesses documents that show she was a former employee of the ‘creep van lawyer’ and asserts the lawyer is involved in selling stolen babies.

There are two problems here. First, I never had a daughter. This is a fact anyone who knows how to do records searches can obtain rather quickly. Second of all I employed nobody. As I said, I am a retired truck driver.

Holmseth also keeps referring to me as a “creep van lawyer.” and is accusing me of all sorts of things involving the use of my live truck. Mr. Holmseth calls the van a fake. This demonstrates his lack of ability to check out the facts that a TRUE and ETHICAL journalist would. The fact is this. I used to operate a business that as part of its business model leased customized commercial vehicles. In this case, media vans (known in lay terms as news vans) to various broadcast outlets throughout the United States and Canada.

My normal practice when the vehicles came off lease was to remove the broadcast equipment from the trucks and then sell both the equipment and trucks separately through wholesale auctions.

When the Caylee Anthony case broke, I happened to have a live truck that had come off lease and rather than sell it, I decided to use it to live stream from it. I was one of the only non commercial live stream mobile webcasters anywhere in North America doing so at the time.

I still have the live truck but it has not been driven in years and will likely never never will be. It is old, obsolete and expensive to operate. This is another fact that Holmseth constantly gets wrong.

Moving on:

Timothy Holmseth uses as his “evidence” so called revenge websites where people will post “damaging information” about their victims. The websites do not vet the information for being factual and state that in their disclaimers. They make money from hate through ads placed on the various websites.

Mr. Holmseth then brings up the tired old accusation that I impersonated being in law enforcement specifically that I claimed to be a United States Marshall. What is odd about this accusation is that it would make no sense for me to claim such a thing. The reason being is what exactly a United States Marshall is and how he/she gets the job.

So, how did this rumor get started?

Strangely enough, it is because of a movie, in fact quite a few of them. Ever hear of the Lethal Weapon movie and TV franchises? Would you care to guess the name of the character of the black cop in that movie?


My surname has been used in several movies (Team Murtaugh) was a term used in one movie; Cheaper by the dozen.

My Surname has been used on quite a few tv shows and even on General Hospital it was the surname of a Canadian Mountie.

For whatever reason, someone picked up on that piece of trivia and accused me of impersonating people in law enforcement. The cost if unintended fame, I suppose.

Now how did what Holmseth used in his example come about? If he had bothered to check the facts he would have found out.

Several years ago, a friend of a friend over in Melbourne, Florida found himself the victim of a Nigerian romance scam. He had been exchanging emails with someone who claimed to be a woman who wanted to leave the country but could not afford airfare to come and see him. This is a common scam that victimizes thousands of men and women each year.

I was asked for help and decided, along with some friends in Colorado to see if we could enlighten people as to what was going on. We exposed the scam. For whatever reason, the scammer or someone like him posted what appeared on Google chat and the rest is history.

What Holmseth does not seem to realize is that because of 9-11 and similar crimes, law enforcement takes impersonation of them quite seriously. If I had been guilty of doing what Timothy C Holmseth accuses me of, I would be in prison right now and not writing blogs.

Just because my surname gets used in the movies and on tv does not mean I am impersonating  police officers. A little common sense goes a long ways  to dispense all of these wild accusations by Holmseth and others.

Try and use a little common sense when judging what both I and Holmseth write.