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Timothy C Holmseth has been going on a tirade for almost a decade, claiming to have proof that hundreds of people are behind what happened to Haleigh Cummings as well as a number of other children.

He has claimed time and again to have secret recordings that would cause him to get arrested if they were to be released. The only way this could happen is if he had committed a crime such as being the person who kidnapped the children or was involved in some way as an accessory.

Just the opposite is true. If Holmseth were to have evidence that would solve these crimes, he could be arrested for NOT releasing the information to law enforcement and charged with obstruction of justice.

The simple fact is that Holmseth has no secret recordings on a flash drive or anywhere else for that matter. If he had, this information would have been made public years ago.

When confronted with these facts Holmseth turns to 5th grade playground name calling and the making up of more false accusations in order to divert his readers from the simple fact that he has nothing to offer in the way of proof.

His internet is nothing more than an elaborate fiction created in his own mind.

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