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If anything can prove how easy it is to make unproven accusations on the internet, Timothy C Holmseth’s media empire is a prime example. For years this conspiracy theorist has accused me of being a pedophile and being involved in one way or another in having something to do with the fate of at least two missing and deceased children.

In a twitter post just a few hours before this writing, he posted this on his twitter page:

Creep Van Lawyer involved with missing Florida children – hands on contact with kidnapped child. “

Tim Holmseth does not seem to understand or care the kind of damage that this causes to innocent victims of his theories.

Because of the websites he mentioned in his conspiracy blogs, I have lost a business that put a dozen people out of work and caused me to lose my home. I have also been threatened doxed and swatted twice by members of Anonymous.

One Anonymous associate residing in southwest Lake County Florida cost me several thousand dollars with a stunt he pulled a couple of years ago.

I have asked Holmseth to provide proof of his accusations only to be met with his claim that his information is secret and he would be arrested if he were to release it.

What this nonsense is, is an excuse to prevent him having to provide the proof to back up his accusations against me and others and thus be exposed as a pathological liar.

What Holmseth is doing is dangerous. He is putting the safety and security of a lot of people at risk by constantly posting these false narratives. There are many vigilante groups, some heavily armed, who would be more than willing to dole out their perceived mission to eke out justice against the accused.

One of these days, someone is going to get killed because of Holmseth.