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Tim Holmseth must have been quite a creative kid in being able to come up with the darndest excuses for skipping school. He certainly came up with some whoppers to explain why he cannot provide the alleged proof he has to back up the unmitigated bullshit he has been writing in his blog for the past 8 years or so.

Tim Holmseth once again is throwing a tantrum about the increasing number of visits from process servers with orders for him to quit lying about people. Three separate courts have adjudicated Timothy C Holmseth as an on line stalker.

Another point that Holmseth tries to make as an excuse as to why he should not be served with the judgments is that he has not met the people who had the orders served against him. That is precisely what is WRONG with what Holmseth is doing. He is making extreme accusations against a great number of people that he has not met which makes the strong point that he cannot possibly know exactly who these people are or what exactly what they may or may not have done.

Tim Holmseth claims to have hundreds of hours of recordings of people he has not met. So, how does he know these recordings are genuine if he has not met the people behind the recordings. Is he just taking the word of people in the recordings that they are who they say they are?

IF Holmseth is withholding evidence of a crime simply because he feels he is risking arrest, he may be guilty of failing to report a felony crime and failing to report a kidnapping since that is what he claims to have first hand proof of. Perhaps law enforcement needs to investigate Tim to see if he is, in fact, withholding evidence of kidnapping of a child. That is a pretty serious violation of the law.

In these modern times where virtually everything can be forged faked or simply made up, having a recording alleged to have people participating in them who are people Tim declares he has not met is simply not enough proof for him to make the case for his accusations.

He is obligated to prove that the people in the recordings and other pieces of evidence are who they say they are or that he claims they are who he claims them to be.

A good and ETHICAL journalist knows these things and an ethical journalist goes out of the way to verify the information is true and that the people named in recordings and files are who they are supposed to be.

Now rather than address these issues, Timothy is likely once again going to come up with the same tired old excuses as to why he cannot provide the necessary proof to back up his claims.

Tim also conveniently leaves out that the one order by Kim Picazio was granted because of his constant harassment of her, her family and those close to her. He was ruled a stalker and WAS arrested because he immediately violated the order she had placed against him. 

What Tim does not seem to understand is that ” the willful infliction of emotional distress” is a form of domestic violence under the law and does also fall under the cyber stalking torts which the judges have decided warranted granting the judgements against him.

On a final note, Tim might want to have some coffee and doughnuts handy for the many Polk County  Sheriff deputies that will be showing up with more judgement orders against him since that seems to be the only way to get him to quit terrorizing the innocent victims of his constant harassment of them.

Stay tuned



    • Gretchen
    • Posted September 17, 2017 at 8:19 pm
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    You obviously don’t know the law works.

    Police won’t show up to give him “justice orders”


      • Posted September 17, 2017 at 9:11 pm
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      I may have the termimology incorrect but the impact is the same. He admitted as much in his articles.


    • Gretchen
    • Posted September 17, 2017 at 8:18 pm
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    Why are you stalking this man?
    You are no better than he is.

      • Posted September 17, 2017 at 9:15 pm
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      Have you bothered to read what he writes? I am not stalking, it is he that is doing the stalking. I am simply pointing out the truth. Tim Holmseth advertizes himself as an investigative journalist. Therefore anything he publishes is ripe for criticism. Once again I must point out that since he has so deeply involved himself into these cases he is considered a public figure. This means that anything about him is in the public interest.

      Also, Tim Holmseth has accused me of things that I did not say or do. He has accused me of being a pedophile and accused me as being part of the murder of at least one missing child. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the things he has accused me of. He has even gone so far as to report these accusations to law enforcement. In summary I am defending myself against slander and libel. If Tim Holmseth were to remove what he has written about me and offered a public retraction and aplogy I would leave him alone.

      His ramblings are not of interest to me.


      • Pedo Timmy
      • Posted September 18, 2017 at 3:47 am
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      Gretchen this man is a pedophile. Why are YOU defending a disturbed individual like Timothy Holmseth?

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