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One notable fact that one must face about the “award winning journalist” by the name of Timothy Charles Holmseth is that he is flat broke and for the most part, living off the back of  Minnesota taxpayers.

I find it somewhat surprising that someone who has a background as a professional journalist and with the use of rather sophisticated social media applications would have such a hard time finding even a moderate paying job in the various jobs he would be qualified to fill.

This revelation about Holmseth’s financial situation came about when I obtained the document that Holmseth filed wanting taxpayers to cover his various legal expenses resulting from his attempts to have the judgement against him removed.

Holmseth claims to be making roughly 1000.00 per month in income before taxes. His total out of pocket expenses are around $330.00. This leaves him with the remaining income amount with which to pay for food and other basic needs. He also owns a car that is worth around $1000.00

What is important to note is what Holmseth leaves OUT of his financial statement. I have been informed that Holmseth is living in subsidized housing.

This means that his apartment rent is paid for by the taxpayers. He is also qualified for and is likely reciving food stamps. In addition, there are medical benefits he is eligable for under both state and federal law.

Holmseth is also leaving out of his financial statement that he accepts donations on his various social media websites and people have sent him money. Legally this is not considered income but it is notable that he has attained sizable donations by those few individuals who support his actions.

I simply cannot understand why someone with the talent and resume that Holmseth has cannot find some kind of productive way to contribute to society while at the same time providing an income for both himself and his family.

What Holmseth does not seem to know is that there are jobs out there for freelance writers. They pay fairly well from what I understand:

I wish I had the same talents Holmseth has when it comes to writing skills as well as having “awarding winning journalist” in my resume. But I do not. I am simply an elderly retired truck driver that writes occaisonally on a small blog.

I only wish that I was as young as Holmseth and had his resources at hand. I certainly would be doing something more productive than writing conspiracy theories for no pay and delivering pizzas.

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    • Tom Retzlaff
    • Posted September 26, 2017 at 1:23 am
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    Speaking of “broke & losing”, that piece of human garbage, Deric Lostutter, and his drug addict / prostitute wife Jennifer, just decided to double down on the stupid and had the federal court issue a summons upon Thomas Olson in that stupid LOLsuit in North Carolina.

    What a dumb ass. All the defendants have to do is issue a Notice to Conduct Deposition on Lostutter and, when he doesn’t show up (cuz he’s in PRISON), the ask the judge to dismiss the case. Just because he is in prison does not give him a special pass. He can’t do discovery or depos or even show up for court hearings. Not from federal prison in Virginia.

    I hope he gets raped and murdered in prison and a video posted on LiveLeak – seriously. I would watch it over and over and over again.

      • Posted September 26, 2017 at 4:59 am
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      Lostutter needs to give it up. He is just like Holmseth in that he wastes taxpayer funds with this nonsense.


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