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Timothy Charles Holmseth has bragged for almost a decade that he is an award winning journalist who has worked with the FBI and other important sources of information as self validation of what he has written on his various social media websites as well as uploading various audio and video content to “prove” the truth of his accusations and claims.

The problem with his alleged credentials is they do not live up to his claims. When criticizing me for my comment on his Youtube account, Holmseth advises people to use Google to find the proof of what he claims to be his evidence or truth of his accusations.

Even the pre-teen agers who use Youtube and similar search engines know that what they do is search out keywords or pharases. Google and other search engines do not vouch for the varacity of the content of the search results. Search utilities are nothing more than the library card look up utilities of the internet and not the seekers of the truth.

Timothy C Holmseth then feigns ignorance of even the most basic voice changers or voice modulators. Tim Holmseth feigns ignorance of voice changers that can change ones gender from male to female or visa versa as well as apps that will imitate voices of known individuals such as President Obama or President Trump.

I find Tim Holmseth’s claim not to know the existence of this software since he has published an example of a rather sophisticated version of this content¬† a bit odd when he published a song by Johnny Cash using lyrics Tim himself made up.

Tim has yet to explain how he was able to create that song since it was NOT him nor the now dead Johnny cash who sung the songs he has published. Anyone who has heard Tim’s real voice would clearly understand that he did not sing any of the songs he has published.

I personally took recordings of the Johnny Cash songs and his known voice and ran them while hooked up to an oscilloscope and they did not match. A person’s voice is like a fingerprint. It is quite unique and while the voice may be imitated, it cannot be duplicated. The waveform on an oscilloscope will display the differences.¬†

It would be interesting to see Tim Holmseth address these issues without reverting to the name calling bullying he has done when replying to my comments and those of others.

Tim Holmseth claims to be a journalist. It is about time he started acting like one.

Stay tuned