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The biggest reason that Timothy C Holmseth is NOT a good journalist is because he allows his bias to ignore leads that might possibly add a new dimension to the missing child cases he writes. Holmseth is fixated on a specific group of suspects in his conspiracy theories and thus will ignore any person of interest that does not fall in line with his theories.

I had planned to go into a great deal of detail into someone that I feel needs to be closely looked at as a person of interest based on his criminal record and his many connections to those around at least two missing or murdered children.

I changed my mind simply because I do not think that Holmseth is qualified to do the proper investigative journalism to determine if my lead is worthwhile. I happened to obtain some court papers and what I found in the papers convinced me that Holmseth would not be able to do a proper investigation of the lead I have even if he were motivated to do so.

I will get into the details of my reasoning along with the aforementioned court papers in my subsequent article which I will write within the next few days.

To sum up this article let me go into a little background of the person I have in mind as a person of interest. The individual is known to put links to child pornography on the internet. He is known to joke about rape and violence against women. He has posed as a member of Anonymous.

He lived within 10 miles of the mother of Trenton Duckett and claimed at one time to have personally known her. He was alleged to at one time to have claimed to either have known Casey Anthony and also claimed to have been in touch with the Anthony family.

The invidual started following missing child cases as early as the Jessica Lundsford case and probably prior to that perticular case. He used to hang around on a now defunct forum out of Tampa, Florida and then migrated to Websleuths.

He was deeply involved with actions on which involved the use of voice changer software available through there as well as making prank phone calls.

It is also alleged that this individual obtained links to child porn through contacts within that website.

The last known whereabouts of the individual in question was said to be Pansacola, Florida. Ever since he was questioned by law enforcement about certain actions by him on the internet a few years ago, he has not been heard from. He is nowhere to be found on the internet and nobody seems to know where he is.

Now if Tim Holmseth can figure out who this person is and decides to look into HIS background, he just might go a long ways to solving a good number of missing child cases.

Now the question is, “is he up to the task?”

Stay Tuned