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Timothy C Holmseth once again has met defeat in the courts as his order for removal request was denied by the Santa Rosa Florida court. He claims that he is on firm legal ground which, of course, he is not. Regardless of what Holmseth claims, he is currently forced to redact the names of an increasing number of people who have successfully obtained court orders against Holmseth forcing him to remove their names from his publications.

As the orders pile up against him, Holmseth will be forced to redact name after name after name causing him to be unable to accuse a specific person by name and thus defeat the whole purpose of his defamatory smear campaign against people who he has never met.

That will be, at least a partial victory for all of us who have had to endure the false claims he has made against us for almost a decade.

Timothy C Holmseth has yet to provide one single varifyable piece of evidence to back up his claims. In addition he has also flat out lied when advocating his claims against virtually everyone he has targeted.

It is a shame that he is allowed to get away with these cruel actions but progress is being made one day at a time. What will never be able to be accomplished is the repair of the lives he has forever damaged with his outlandish defamatory blog and multimedia websites.

Once a lie is spread, it is hard to retract it.

Stay tuned