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It took a little digging, but I think I have found how Tim Holmseth may be pulling off one of the greatest frauds ever experienced on the internet. My little investigation started with Tim put up a song entitled : “Joel Osteen is a Piece of Shit.”

When I saw this link on his Twitter, I decided to listen to the song to see how of a good singer he might be based on other songs of his that I have heard on the internet. I was quite surprised, however, to hear a voice that was eerily similar to the now Deceased Johnny Cash who was known to have made a hit out of the same song.


I then happened to remember that I had done some research into an interesting piece of software known as Lyrebird. This software has the ability of making people say things they never said even after they are dead.


In this next prototype sampling made around two years ago, the clues as to how sophisticated some of this software could be.

At this point of my research, I was prepared to believe that the renditions were too primitive to explain the song that Holmseth uploaded. I kept digging, however,  and came up with this next offering. As it turns out, this piece of software is FREE from NCH.

The important thing to note is that these are not for voice ALTERATIONS as much as they are used for VOICE IMITATIONS. The above clips of Obama, Trump etc, are examples of voice imitators made to say things the real person did not say.

Now, how this applies to Holmseth is quite simple. He has audio samplings of people saying all kinds of things and making all kinds of threats. The question has always been “what if what he has uploaded are fakes?” To date there has not been enough evidence to consider this likelyhood.

That is, until the reincarnation of Johnny cash. Now there are those who might say that Holmseth just happens to be able to sing like Jonny Cash and that there are known inflections of Cash’s voice that are missing that would point out that this is not the real Jonny Cash.

Fair enough. To study things a bit more, here is a song that Holmseth actually made in his voice, quite a few years ago.

You then take the above song and compare it with what he uploaded to Youtube and linked onto his various social media accounts just recently:

(click play triangle at bottom left.)

Note that the voices are completely different.  Obviously this caught my attention. At first I had thought that perhaps Tim had found this clip somewhere on the internet and put it on his youtube and was taking credit for it. After a thorough search of the internet, I found that this was not the case.

So, the next question had to be, how did Tim pull this one off? I then remembered the prank calls made to me. I went over to for the heck of it and looked for Johnny Cash soundtracks.

The song Tim uploaded was not there. It was then I remembered my article on the software described above and this started my research down this path. As it turns out there has been quite a bit of progress since that software came out and quite a variety of voice imitation software is available. Even the famous and free Audacity has features that would allow for voice imitations on the cheap. From this research I concluded that would be relitively easy for Tim to imitate Johnny Cash and change the lyrics of the song to create the above result.

The next question than “Was Tim that good to be paying a guitar in the clip?


The answer was one word: Kareoke.

Tim simply went on the internet and found the instrumental track for the song:

In conclusion, I have come to the belief that almost all of the audio clips on Timothy Holmseth’s various websites are fakes that he himself has created. This would explain why those who are the targets of his attacks on social media are both so angry and frustrated. They have been accused of things they did not say or did not do. They are angry and frustrated because they have not been able to offer proof that what Tim has published was fake….

Until Now.

Stay tuned