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I, for the life of me do not understand people any more. I have tried hard for the past few years to right wrongs and persuade people that certain causes are more important than our personal differences between each other.

It seems, however, that it is human nature to fight for bits of power no matter what that entails. In this case the quest for power has to do with the hastag #pedogate.

Tim Holmseth wants to be the king of #pedogate. He wants to be the hero. He wants to be the one who solves the Haleigh kidnapping as well as all other related crimes.

He has managed to build around himself a small and driven group of supporters who believe every word he says and excuses every action he partakes in.

This is something I have had experiences with before. I fought long and hard the last time and I fought long and hard this time.

This time is different. I am almost a decade older and am worn out. I once again am fighting this fight alone as others have run away and are not willing to join in this fight.

Well, as of now, I am done. I give up. I quit. You are all on your own.

Tim can make all of the acusations he pleases. He is bringing up old fights that I have fought instigated by those who are now fighting against him.

You all know who you are. I understand your not wanting to get involved yet again. We have been at each other for years and I certainly do not go down that road again.

I had thought I could finally accomplish something but now realize it is a futile effort.

I therefore end the quest for the truth and move on to other goals.

I will no longer mention Timothy Charles Holmseth nor will I ever get involved in anything even remotely to #pedogate.

Tim and others can do with this subject as they wish.

I am done



    • Blessing Bosworth
    • Posted November 1, 2017 at 7:54 pm
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    Murt, police, whose job it is to actually solve such crimes, frown upon these kind of online e-detective and stalking campaigns. These sort of campaigns cause chaos, harm innocent people, mislead the public, and often disrupt the real investigation. it is good you are finally deciding to quit.

    Be assured that whatever Holmseth did or does say about you, very few people know of it. No one cares. Most of all, no one believes what he has said about you. Everyone sees you as a decent, stand-up guy who needs to be involved in something more productive and less harmful. Do you want or need the approval of a nut job like Holmseth? He is interfering with the investigation to try to cause a stir for himself. Leave it behind and you will have a much more peaceful, productive time. None of you are going to find the little girl or discover her kidnapper by posting hashtags or fighting on twitter. If you could do anything productive in her honor, it would be to encourage teens not to have babies and to get an education instead. Maybe start an organization in her honor to support the formation of better better choices for young people in Florida?

      • Posted November 2, 2017 at 12:26 pm
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      I have given up trying to talk sense into Holmseth and his cult. I am no longer going to pay any attention to him. I have other plans that I am working on and none involve him or anything that has to do with true crime social media.


    • Tom Retzlaff
    • Posted October 31, 2017 at 6:01 am
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    “I once again am fighting this fight alone as others have run away and are not willing to join in this fight.”

    Maybe the reason why no one is willing to “join the fight” is that you are involved in some pretty fucking stupid BULLSHIT that other people – all other people – think is totally irrational and an utter waste of time.

    After all, if anyone else on the planet thought that you were doing a good thing, Murt, they would “join” your fight. Am I right?

    besides, nobody gives two shits about hashtags. All them twitter faggots do is tweet, tweet, tweet and anyone who thinks that they are changing the world is just fooling themselves.


    Its all a bunch of Social Justice Warrior bullshit put together by liberal snow flake faggots. So stop wasting your time gnashing your teeth over stupid cases involving missing children that nobody cares about. You are not an e-Detective. You are not a news reporter. You’re a dude. In a trailer house. Who does not have a job. And in desperate need of some female companionship or a hobby or gainful employment.

      • Posted October 31, 2017 at 6:59 am
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      Well, Tom, you assume things and you assume wrong. I now see why you have been wrong so often. You do not have a clue about everything. However, rather than correct your errors I am going to let you bury yourself in your delusions. What I have found out is that You Tim and others have their little empires that they want to build and control.

      The truth be damned you all forge forward with your delusions and fantasies. Well, I am not playing anymore. You can go and fight with someone else who might be enclined to indulge you. I will not.


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