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I checked into the account of the pizza delivery dude this morning to find that a person who operates the Astro account over on twitter claims she is not the woman who created the account in the first place.

This brings up an interesting point that I have been making for over a decade and a lot of people know this to be true. There is no way to know for certain who is behind a username on Twitter. A person may claim to own the accout but not be that person. There can also be more than one person who has log in access to the account.

Now for a little history regarding that account. Whoever Astro is created that account around 5 years ago. This was AFTER the woman that people assumed owned it contacted me shortly before that. She identified herself and we eventually talked over the phone. The phone number she gave me was run through a reverse 411 and it was varified to be her.

For the next several years she kept repeating her hatred for a number of people and made it clear that her mission was to identify who was behind the account, get Kim Pickazio thrown in jail and was also determined to make certain that Levi Page never worked in the broadcast industry. Other people were also attacked by the Astro account because they were friends and allies of Radio and of Levi and Kim.

The original Astro account also attacked anyone who called out Timothy Holmseth for the huge pile of lies he has told on his little media empire over the years.

Now, something strange happened a couple of years ago. Astro and I got into an ongoing battle because I strongly disagreed with her efforts to prevent Levi Page from getting a job in his chosen field. I was still in a fierce and intense disagreement with Levi over a number of issues  but I also felt that our disagreement did not rise to the level of trying to make certain he was not able to pursue his chosen field.

I got fed up with Astro constantly berating me because I would not assist her in this effort and finally told her that she would be better off letting go of her hatered and drop the subject altogether.

In return she literally blew up at me and we have not spoken in private since.

Something else also happened around this time. Astro closed her account and blocked everyone including me. No posts were made on the account and she suddenly began leaving little messages in  the profile section of her account.

“Someone” made sure I saw these messages because they would show up in my emails or in private messages on Twitter. Scores of sock accounts would be created for this purpose and for continuing to demand that I help make sure that Levi never get a job in the media industry and to get Kim Pickazio put in jail for her alleged participation in all of the nonsense that Tim was spewing on his tin hat media empire.

A little piece of information here. I also blocked Astro. The account remains blocked to this day. This brings up an interesting question. How is Astro able to read a blocked account and WHY is she reading a blocked account.

Astro on many occasions has complained on many occasions that she is being stalked simply because people are reading the portion of the account that is readable. Well, if she does not want people to read her account then do not tag their names in the profile section of the account that is visible to everyone.

Something else happened that might explain her changes in behavior for the past couple of years or so. The first thing that happened is that there was an announcement of sorts that that Astro account was “taken over” by another party or parties. Shortly after this happened the Astro account began to drift toward Radio to assist her with her fight against Levi Kim and others on her target list.

It was also around this time that a whole bunch of sock accounts appeared on Twitter that were playing me Kim, Levi, Holly, Lynda, Alex, Thomas and others against each other after we had all decided to leave each other alone and move on.

I once had several old friends in a private website on the internet who would talk to each other about the attacks against us and the Caylee warriors Facebook room.

Once I “went over to the other side” they abandoned me and I have not heard from them since. This is another criticism of Astro is making of me in spite of her going over to Radio and Michelle in an attempt to find allies to go after those mentioned above. She and the people in the group are angry that I am now friendly towards their sworn enemies.

The simple fact of the matter is that two things happened that caused everyone to set aside their differences and eventually become friends.

The first thing that happened is that Radio and Deric Lostutter were making comments that had no business being made. Highly personal medical information started to be posted on line and I made strong comments objecting to that being done.

The second thing that happened is that Deric Lostutter began inserting Michelle’s granddaughter into the battle making highly inapproprate remarks about her.

I made it abundantly clear that I do not condone certain actions to be done on the internet and this include those actions being directed towards my critics regardles of their alleged actions in the past.

It was not long after this incident that Radio was outed as being behind a lot of unsavory actions on the internet including being behind dozens of Twitter sock accounts that were playing all of us against each other.

Once this information came out along with conclusive proof of Radio’s actual identity, the sock accounts came to a screeching halt  and with that the infighting stopped as well.

Everything was fine until Tim started inserting more and more people into his conspiracy nonsense. He made serious and false accusations against me.

Anyone with common sense and a telephone could research his accusations and come across the proof that he is lying about just about everything he has posted on his website.

Getting back to the main subject of this article. The Astro account is clear cut proof that you cannot rely on the account belonging to a specific person. It could be an impersonator or a group of people sharing the account and pretending to be a single individual.

Even verified Twitter accounts could be set up by impersonators or multiple users. Twitter by no stretch is a secure or reliable service when it comes to assuring that the person behind a Twitter accunt is who they say they are.

Because of these facts, any post that Tim makes that includes internet content cannot be considered as evidence of anything. This includes audio and video files. ALL of these things can be faked. Proof of this  comes out on a daily basis. Photoshop and other utilities freely available are quite sophisticated and make these elaborate frauds posssible.

Remember that it is event the President of the United States that is declaring that the vast majority of what is out there is FAKE NEWS.

Fake news has been around long before Trump decided to run before president.

Stay Tuned