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Several months ago, I started getting private messages claiming that Susan Earman of Eastern Virginia was dead. Cause of death was not given although it was implied that she committed suicide.

It was not long after this disclosure that her Twitter account was renamed “Keeper of the Name” implying that someone had taken over the account on her behalf.

Strangely enough, the profile rants on her Twitter account that Susan is so famous for continued for quite some time until they suddenly stopped and was replaced with the now current posting of the telephone number of a suicide hotline. The name on the account also changed which was a pattern that Astro engaged in before the death hoax occurred.

It did not take long to expose this little hoax. All someone who lives near her place of business had to do was to walk into the place and see her alive and well and covered with pizza dough.

In spite of being exposed, however, Mrs Earman allowed the hoax to continue, that is until today.

Sadly, Mrs. Earman is back to her demented behaviour scolding me for coming after her cherished Timothy Holmseth because he continues to make false accusations against me and cannot stand the fact that I will not stand down.

Susan is demonstrating that she is the hypocrite. She knows full well that what Tim is claiming is false and that he is putting my safety at risk by continuing to do so.

Instead of correcting what she knows is false narratives she is not only sitting by while he engages in his defamation but she is even taking part in it.

She is placing herself in a bad legal situation by doing so. But that is Susan. She does not think before she acts and that will be her ultimate downfall.

Stay tuned