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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Tim Holmseth is yet again posting the same old lies about me proving his obsession with trying to intimidate me into stop forcing him to account for his actions.

In his latest tirade he once again questions how I could know the identity of the attorney that has served him with a court order prohibiting him from mentioning her name on the internet.

Besides the obvious fact that it was the attorney herself who informed me of this action and sent me the supporting documents, it was Tim Holmseth that provided the information through a third party and an article I recently found where he posted the exact same information with her full name not redacted or censored.

There is also this. Tim Holmseth has or had a woman from Virginia who went by the name of Astro__x. The woman contacted me several years ago because she felt that Tim was being stalked by the same attorney. Over the years Astro sent me detailed information about the attorney and several other people that were targets of Holmseth. She always used full names. Nothing was ommitted or otherwise redacted.

Also over the years I have been contacted by anonymous Twitter accounts and those people also sent me the documents that Holmseth was supposed to have removed from the internet. All of the documents contained the name of the lawyer as well as detailed information about the lawyer.

I have also been informed that Holmseth has extensive files on everyone he has targeted and that he passes these files around to those he considers supporters through private messages and emails as well as through the anonymous troll accounts acting as third parties.

It is therefore a false premise on his part to claim in his articles that there should be no reason for me to know the actual name of the attorney that he has had to redact her name from his defamatory articles.

Now it is time to sit back and see how he tries to wiggle out of this one.

Stay tuned


Tim Holmseth had recently written an article on his website accusing me of being a pedophile once again. The result started a long standing debate against me and an individual on Facebook by the name of Malik Jamal Selby.

This person has made a number of comments involving my family in a highly bigoted and demening manner. His latest threat on Facebook demonstrates how dangerous it is go go around making false accusations against someone on the internet.

Holmseth’s articles accusing me of being a pedophile and murdering children has put my safety at risk. First amendment or not, there has to be limits. 

To his credit, Holmseth made a statement denouncing this threat in the strongest terms and I commend him for it.

Tim’s denouncement, however did not deter Malik from his threatening behavior as shown here.

Malik Jamal Selby Bet your parents died knowing your pedophile ass was a bitch lol keep talking i already know where you live old man i dont mind wooping some grown man ass i make bitches like you dissappear for life keep talking lol your pedophile ass is all takk and wont do shit lol sound like a grown ass child

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Timothy Charles Holmseth Malik Jamal Selby Malik,

I do not condone, or in any other way support violence or threats of violence.

I make this statement in the strongest terms.

I believe in the First Amendment only within the confines of the law.

Timothy Charles Holmseth

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Malik Jamal Selby I handle my business my way you do it your way
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This conversation is a clear example of why Tim’s conduct is dangerous and is reaching a level where he is losing control. I now have to make yet another complaint to my local sheriff’s department as well as law enforcement where Malik resides in order to prevent his making good on his threat.
Stay Tuned

Tim Holmseth made a remarkable statement on his Facebook page when responding to my recent article having to do with his claim that he submitted an uncensored recording to the court naming the atty he has been obsessed with for almost a decade.


In his rant he stated in part:

“My recordings of Wayanne Kruger, the protégé of Attorney Gloria Allred, reveal an attorney in Florida and her convicted felon husband worked with a fake pastor named John Regan who said he was CIA and FBI – in an international baby sales scheme.”

In the next paragraph he makes this curious statement.

“Murtaugh published an un-sourced statement that was not attributed to any specific person”

I would suggest that anyone reading this article take a careful look at the prior statement he made. He mentioned a specific person, he mentioned her gender. He mentioned she was married. He mentions two individuals who were connected to a specific case, that of the missing child Haleigh Cummings.

Now after Holmseth published the entire quote of the Attorney I contacted he added this statement:

“The statement published by William Murtaugh creates questions, because every video I have published regarding the matter has the name of the attorney redacted/censored.”

This statement is important because of the reason he redacts/censores the name of the accused attorney. It is because he has been ordered not to mention her because of a court order the attorney filed against him.

It is not known how William Murtaugh would know who to contact, or why any attorney would ever even issue a formal statement/denial of something of which they have not been formally accused.

The above paragraph is rather curious based on the scores of articles he has written on his blog plus the detailed information he recently gave in his interview on a webcast.

Let me go through this point by point.

This first point would be enough to settle the argument alone:

Tim Holmseth has declared that the attorney that issued the court order is from Florida. Since the case is a matter of public record and I have copies of it, it is obvious who he is talking about .

The next point is that Tim has left “bread crumbs” that makes it abundantly clear who he is talking about and for those who are not sure of who he is talking about being able to follow the bread crumbs to discover the identity of the person rather easily.

He establishes that the Attorney is a Female. He establishes that she practices in a specific area of law. She lives in practices law in Southeast Florida. She is married. He details her connection with Weyanne Kruger and several principals in the Haleigh Cummings case.

To sum up, Tim Holmseth has gone out of his way to publish a detailed point by point profile of the attorney in question to the point were indentifying her is childs play.

Weyanne Kruger could clear this up rather quickly by naming the attorney in question. She is NOT under any gag order and thus is free to name the attorney if she chooses to do so. Of course, if she does name the attorney she faces the prospect of being sued for slander, libel and defamation of character.

What Tim Holmseth does not comprehend is that I have discovered an article on a forum that he wrote that did not get redacted. It names the attorney which is a violation of the court order. I sent the attorney a screen shot of the article along with the link to it.

Since this is a clear violation of the court order issued against him Tim Holmseth faces the prospect of being arrested a second time for violating that order.

Stay tuned




Timothy Holmseth’s  obsession with “the Florida Attorney” reached a new high today when he wrote another blog article where he claims to have submitted an unredacted version of a phone conversation where it is alleged that Wayanne Kruger has identified her as being part of a child sex trafficking ring.

Holmseth describes Ms. Kruger as being a protoge of Gloria Alred, a noted attorney who handles cases involving women who have been the victims of abuse.

Holmseth has had a vandetta with the attory since the beginning of the Haleigh Cummings case where he immediately honed in on her as a suspect in Haleigh’s interference. His intense efforts against the attorney caused her to seek regress in the courts. She obtained a court order against Holmseth as he confirms in this statement in his article:

“The conspiracy involved the attorney fraudulently obtaining a domestic violence protection order against Holmseth in a Florida divorce (DVCE Division) court that required Holmseth remove all mention of the attorney from the Web and never speak her name again.”

The accusation of fraud against the attorney comes from Holmseth alleging that he plotted with the biological mother of his son to assist her in obtaining a custody agreement granting her sole custody and only allowing Tim Holmseth to have supervised visits with his son at a specific location designated for that purpose.

The court order the woman obtained also ordered that Tim Holmseth was not to discuss any missing child case in the presence of his son. It is this latter restriction that is the most irritating to Holmseth. He has stated on several occasions that he wants to be free to discuss this case, in detail, this case with his juvenile son.

In the recording, according to Holmseth some rather severe accusations were made against the attorney:

“The recordings swill reveal minute details of how the Florida attorney and her husband (convicted felon – federal fraud) worked with a man who identified himself as a pastor working for the CIA and FBI to move children in and out of the country through the U.S. Embassy.”

All the parties mentioned in the recording have denied the accusations. If it turns out that the accusations submitted to the court by Holmseth are false, it would be likely that both Holmseth and Kruger will face legal consequences for allowing false information to be submitted to a court as evidence in a civil proceeding.

When contacted recently about the recording the Attorney made the following statement regarding Ms. Kruger:

“I heard the latest video he’s pushing with Wayanne Kruger claiming a whole bunch of ludicrous things about me on the phone with Tim, after I dismissed her from further involvement in the HC case. She said I worked for Social Services in 2001 in Ft. Lauderdale, doing case studies for endangered kids, and started running an illegal baby adoption operation with kidnapped kids then. She even quoted prices I allegedly charged. First, I’ve never worked for social services, I was working at a prestigious private law firm in Miami from 1996 to 2008. I’ve never done adoptions, I’m not licensed to do so, and quite frankly, know nothing about adoptions or adoption law. She’s clearly either got the wrong person’s linkedin, or was completely fabricating things to Tim on the phone. I have never done adoptions – not a single one – in my life, nor have I ever been approached to do one. Also, I’ve never worked for “Social Services” – whatever the fuck THAT is. I’ve never done home studies. for abused kids….I’ve always worked at a private firm making good money. She’s totally got the wrong person, yet Tim’s entire “baby peddler” theories are based solely on this information from Wayanne.”

The attorney has not stated what legal actions will be taken as a result of the article by Tim Holmseth.

The atty has also been informed of an article I wrote about recently where an article written by Holmseth appears on a public forum where he mentions her by name which is in clear violation of the court order against him.

If Holmseth is arrested for contempt of court due to his violating that order, this will be the second time this has occurred.

Stay Tuned


Joy Wray is an old friend from the Search for Caylee Anthony days. She recently contacted me and relayed her story about her problems with the Florida Foster Care system.

I am going to publish her story here unedited. It is her story and she should be the one who tells it:

BEFORE FOSTER CARE AND FOSTER CARE HELL MY KIDS ARE GETING ABUSED AND HURT WHILE IN FOSTER CARE Jan 10 I took My son Pauly to his peds in Cheifland fl WE got there his temp was 105 at the highest temp during the night throwing up orange or blood like and have been having seizure.

Jennifer Jones looked at Paul for few mins and said get right to a hospital. UF.. Ok Go to the hospital Shands Jennifer Jones replays,when we got there. Student comes in looks at Pauly had another seizure ,The did labs blood work,piss,X-ray of chest. I got call from the my marine friend in Iraq he was talking about bombs and this new guns. I made the call really short. I was more concern about Pauly health.

Cop came in and said? Do You have a Gun? I said no! I did’nt have gun in my purse. In which I did’nt bring my gun to the hospital I left it at home. He searched my body my stuff. OK next the student doctor came back and said u can go home . I said hell no I want to see the chief doctor. So chief doctor came and said sorry I made a mistake he will be admitied!

Okay we go up the fourth floor at Shands hospital in Gainesville Florida .Started praying laying my hands on my son . Nurse comes and says what are u doing? I said praying is there problem with that Nurse 2! So Pauly got connected to a IV ,, fluids, ect… Pauly fails asleep about 5 am…. Student doctor come’s in and does all kinds test wake him up.

Then the real doctor comes in about 8 am does the same thing! about 945 am . Nurse comes and un hocks the Iv drip he is geting better..I than Took Pauly for a little waggin ride 10 am. Came back 10:20am. 11:30am CPS arrived. 11:25 nurse come and hooks his iv back.. I’m like what wtf! I knew something was up than!. 1130. CPS Tamica SHAW CAME in I told her I will not talk to her without a lawyer and a video camera!.. My little 3 year son as she walk in he said she is mean and go away Mommy let’s go home momma I’m scared!!!!!!!!!! A three year old…. So I packed up are stuff and tried to leave the hospital with Pauly.. I was going to take Pauly to North Florida Or Dr Davis In Virginia,in which is a lot better it’s not run bunch of college kids.

They stop me in the elevator the security guards.. They took Pauly into another room ,, they said I couldn’t go in there ,, But I pushed my way in there. ,I was trying hold him and gave him a blue robe type blanket, really soft,The three nurse where hurting my son they was pokeing the needle around in his small arm making him scream and cry really loud.. crying mooma help .

I told them you are hurting my son and causing physical harm and abuse to my son, and u best stop or you will either be without a job or a file a warrant on you have u charged. I step few steps back and started video recording of how they was hurting my son. So I would have my legal proof. I recorded some of the stuff 2. Cops came 5 of them, took me back to my room for 45 mins,,,, CPS Tamica Shaw never let me see no paper work ,no warrant or anything sign by a judge! So its Fed kidnaping bec we was’nt legal reisdence of Florida.

So They took me to jail..Before I was leaving I was begging Office Ricky Morgan let me give leave his blue teddy bear and say good bye.. When we where in the cop car i said please go gives blue teddy bear to him. He has never been left alone without his mommy and he is really scared . I also told him that the security guards hurt me and my shoulder my be disc located.

He refuse to take to the er to ger a xray . But no!. I was placed straight into witness protection where judges,cops go if they where arrestted. Officer Bass in the jailhouse was very protected of me, so help give me a shower, comb my haor out and said the is unreal .

She called the nurse right way and a doctor came and said her shoulder is is disc located I can see its out of place just by looking at it. I was in the jail for another 8 hours with my shoulder being out of place, it was painful. But my mind couldn’t get off of my son Pauly and my other 4 children. I asked if someone could see Pauly in the hospital.

The next Morning two doctors came in and said she needs to be in the ER and not Jail. But the Judge wanted to see me first so she could get me out there. So iI was seen. I walked from the jail to almost to the hospital with my shoulder still disclocated. ALONG the way there was an old marine guy setting on a park bench he said come here u look like ur about to past out and could use a drink of water. I was holding my shoudler started to cry.

The old marine said ur shoulder is disc I can help but it well fell like u got hit bye a semi truck. I said ok. he laid me on the ground said put this rag in ur mouth and bite it is hard as you can. AS so I did. I took about one min to be put back in place. I was screaming it was one of my worst pains that I have had in a very long time. He put in back in place for. I was about 2 miles from the hospital. he said, here is some money get on this bus and get to the hospital I said sir i cant take ur money.

I said its a order and get on that bus !Got 2 jail spend the night got out the next day.TINA FORREST CPI from OLD Town Fl also took my 4 other children without my attorney being called first and we had a video camera present. She also broke a court order in which she is not aloud to talk my children without a lawyer.

There case worker is Trisha Anderson she has forge legal docs and has lied under oath on the stand, Jason Katz also has lied numerous times to my face and help change legal docs, He also carries a pocket knife in the court house, He also GOES INTO THE BAck WHERE THE JUDGE IS WITH THE Bailiff J Valentine is that legal? They also all go eat at subway together at lunch.I have had pending law suit for years.

In which when my oldest daughter Victoria turn 18 we had agreement of 18 million dollars when she became of age she became 18 5/17/2017 not a dime. So I will be contacting FBI Chris Wray in which John Wray family member.To help with these MAGGITS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AFTER Been talking With my wonderful caring friend for 3 hours tonight Daniel Blair Yea,///////////////// I figured it was a claim under 42 USC 1983, because Federal causes of action are actually limited, and that is one of the most popular, and seemed likely to fit best.
(1) False Imprisonment; (2) Negligence; (3) Tortious Interference with Parent and Child Relationship; (4) Respondeat Superior; (5) Negligence/Failure to Train; (6) Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (IIED); and maybe other causes of action. THIS MAN LOVES HIS COUNTRY THIS MAN SHOULD REALLY RUN FOR PRESiDIENT DANIEL BLAIR 2021….ABOUT DANIEL
Businessman, Serial Entrepreneur, Strategic Advisor, Community Leader, World Traveler (~70), Eagle Scout

I did make some minor adjustments to the article Joy wrote but left most of it intact including some of her typos and so forth.


I have been notified that Timothy Charles Holmseth who is the owner and operator of and various websites may be in violation of a court order instructing him to remove all references to Kim Picazio and is further instructed not to mention her name anywhere on the interet. He is also not to use third party websites to mention her name and is to remove such content from any third party website where the material exists. 

He missed one.

This website contains two forums set up in reference to Holmseth. The above contains an article from his blog that was removed by court order.

It wound up on that forum by a close supporter of his who is aware of the court order and either openly defied it or posted it with Holmseth’s consent. She also made no effort to remove the article once it was well known it had been removed from Holmseth’s blog.

In the article Holmseth said the following about Mrs. Picazio:

Disgraced Ft. Lauderdale attorney, Kim Picazio, who was eventually terminted from her pro bono position of providing legal counsel to Crystal Sheffield, began blogging and sending harassing emails to Lucia, telling her to change her story – even finding strangers on the internet to help her harass Lucia.

There was also this from Holmseth further in the article:


“Picazio’s horrendously embrassing performance as an attorney, John Regan’s laughable attempt to impersonate an FBI agent, and the ridiculously un-original idea of planting a bloody glove, demonstrates the sophmoric mind-set of a group of simpletons who would attempt to plant evidence in the HaLeigh Cummings investigation. Such activties by these narcisstic criminals are far too many to mention.

The item below was created and posted on the world wide web by Picazio’s private investigator, William COBRA Staubs.

KLP stands for Kim Lowry Picazio – Staubs is sharing his latest good idea in life with his like-minded colleague – communicating about their sick illusions of granduer on a pathetic underground message board.

If the behavior of Staubs, Picazio, the Regans, and Johnny Sheffield isn’t disturbing enough for you, below is an email between the songwriter Staubs and the head of the major crimes unit at the PCSO. Here, Staubs is fantasizing about being some kind of television star and inviting Capt. Piscitello to be his co-star. In addition, Piscitello is making fun of a search for HaLeigh’s bones that only rendered a horse skeleton.

Enlarge this image

So why is the key that was found at the family’s search so significant?

It is significant because, according to statements Johnny Sheffield made to Write Into Action, the vehicle key linked none other than Misty Croslin, to the scene where all the items were found that made HaLeigh Cummings appear dead or taken far away.

“We found a set of car keys that matched up with the car that [Kristina] Nay Nay [Prevatt] and Amber [Brooks] was riding around in that night with Misty,” Johnny Sheffield told Write Into Action.

It is at this point that the behavior of a sheriff’s office that claims to be desperately seeking some key, albeit literal or figurative, becomes downright suspicious.

“You just made a statement about that search,” said PCSO Major Bowling in an interview with Write Into Action. “It doesn’t advance our case, obviously they had, you know, a person like that would maybe have some sort of a personal agenda.” Bowling said.

Bowling suggests some kind of a personal agenda was in play and the planted items of evidence are not relevant.

Because the PCSO and FDLE do not want to investigate or discuss the fake family search at San Mateo, one is left to arrive at their own conclusion of what that personal agenda actually was.

Here is what it was.

A very calculated attempt was made by, at the very least, Johnny Sheffield, William COBRA Staubs, John Regan, and Jeremiah Regan, to frame Misty Croslin in the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings.

There is no escaping that un-impeachable fact, as all the evidence that proves it is true exists on digital audio interviews conducted by Write Into Action.

So we know the PCSO and FDLE will not investigate evidence that was planted by HaLeigh’s grandfather and his Team, for the purpose of implicating Misty Croslin, nor will they investigate the impersonation of a federal agent at a search that used the scent of a missing and endangered child who is the subject of an active Amber Alert.

So why is Florida law enforcement so afraid to investigate the people they know for a fact planted evidence in the HaLeigh Cummings investigation?

The answer is simple.

It proves Misty Croslin does not hold the key.

And that proves somebody else holds the key.

And that could damage “the case.”

The case against an innocent person that has gone too far to stop. “

Tim holmseth was obligated under the court order to see to it that all traces of this article was removed from the internet. It would also have been the obligation of the woman who republished this article to have done the same. If she posted this article knowing that it was prohibited under court order, she may be just as guilty of contempt of court as Holmseth was.

Stay tuned




This little piece of fraud turned up in, of all places, in the comment section of a fake news version of a true crime blog/Facebook page. The idiot who posted this decided that she was losing her argument against me and decided to go off topic with this little nugget professing that it was real.

The problem for her is that I saw the ceremony in question and  knew immediately the image was a fake.

Since I believe in the TRUTH and she clearly does NOT I will acknowledge that Bill Clinton was given the medal at that ceremony.

As for the rest, here goes. The Weinstien image was photoshopped onto the body of Vice President Joe Biden. Note the Marine in the background.

The face of Anthony Weiner was put on the body of Tom Hanks.

The face of Bill cosby was put on the body of all people, The BOSS Bruice Springsteen. 

What is curious about all of this is that the image originated on a Facebook account clearly biased against Hillary and all Democrats and is one of the biggest repositories of fake news I have seen in quite some time.

What is sad is that the Trump supporters keep attacking Obama who is no longer President and is now a private citizen and Both Bill and Hillary Clinton who are both now private citizens.

I have heard of people being sore losers but being sore winners?

That is a new twist.

Stay tuned


Tim Holmseth wants people to believe that he is on a quest to expose and prosecute pedophiles and others who engage commit criminal acts involving children.

One place that Tim Holmseth could look is within his own family. According to court documents I have obtained Tim Holmseth’s adult daughter was accused of requiring her brother, Tim’s son, to dress up as a woman.

The following was written on September 21st 2011 and appears in court documents in the child custody case that now prohibits Tim Holmseth from seeing his son without supervision.

Warning that this excerpt is graphic and quite disturbing.

When I first read this report, I was astonished. How on earth could Tim Holmseth not seek prosecution of his daughter Marina Kathleen Holmseth, for what is obviously the actions of an alleged pedophile. 

The professor who examined him felt so concerned about the conduct of his half sister that she ordered that no unsupervized contact be allowed between Holmseth’s daughter and his son. 

In my next article I will post the letter in it’s entirety and examine the extent of the damage that Holmseth has caused his family.

Stay tuned



Since Febuary 10th 2009 the case of Haleigh cummings has been the obsession of Timothy Charles Holmseth, a self proclaimed investigative reporter from a small town in Northwest Minnesota. Timothy Holmseth has created a media empire for the sole purpose of attempting to solve the mystery of what happened to Haleigh.

Now on the surface, one might think this is a noble quest. One would soon change their mind if they were to delve into the deep dark world of Tim Holmseth and how his actions have affected his children and his family and even total strangers who have unknowingly been caught up in what has turned into a deep rooted obsession with a missing child with which he has no known connection or knowledge of prior to her dissappearance becoming a major news story.

What makes Tim Holmseth’s situation different than scores of other bloggers, speculators, true crime junkies and so forth is how he pursued his “investigation” into the child’s dissappearance and the claims and accusations he would continuously publish in his scores of articles over the years.

Tim Holmseth has posted that his activities have put him in increasing danger over the years. He writes in his articles that he has drawn the attention of various criminal syndicates who he has angered and who has the desire to silence him and drive him off the internet.

Tim Holmseth has claimed to have secret evidence of specific criminal actions partaken by these criminal organizations that would “get him arrested” if he were to reveal this evidence.

There are many of those who have observed Tim Holmseth’s actions over the years and who have serious doubts as to the varacity of what he claims who feel that it is he himself that poses the clear danger to his offspring and to his family and the strangers he has brought into his self inflicted drama over the past 8 years.

The courts seem to feel that he has done just that. In a court case dealing with a custody matter concerning his son the court made this remarkable statement:

“The court has diffaculty accepting these claims to be true. But assuming they are, they would support the Respondant’s motion for supervised parenting time, as (redacted) would be placed in danger being anywhere near the Petitioner (Tim Holmseth)”

The court comment came in answer to a request made by Tim Holmseth to have the restrictions imposed by the court lifted or modified. One of the restrictions was that he is only allowed to have supervised visits with his son.

The court denied his request.

Since that action in 2013 Tim has intensified his theories and by extension intensified the danger to himself, his children and to his family.

Tim has gotten himself into a very precarious situation due to the nature of the criminal activities he is investigating. The kind of people who engage in these activities are social deviants who have no moral compass, who are extremely paranoid and who are individuals and groups who have to be constantly vigilant in order to prevent being apprehended by law enforcement and potentially face a lifetime in prison for their actions.

Because of these factors and because of the same lack of judgment that got these people into their various situations, these criminal individuals and groups would be inclined to take drastic measures to protect themselves and their freedom.

These measures would have the sole purpose of silencing Tim Holmseth and to get his published material off of the internet. One could come up with any number of scenarious that would be partaken to accomplish their goal.

There is also an inintended consequence of Tim’s actions that he probably has not considered. To examine this consequence let me cite this scenario:

Tim Holmseth has recently been the guest of a fairly well known internet webcasting program where he discusses his activities. He has made clear that he has secret evidence of various criminal groups who he alleges engages in child kidnappings, child trafficking, various acts of pedophilia and even setanic rituals.

It is a common practice of groups such as those Holmseth has cited to monitor the kinds of advocates that operate the kind of media outlets Tim Holmseth has appeared on. These groups want to keep track of who is after them and the kind of information these advocates have that may cost them their freedom.

To continue this scenario, speculate for a moment that perhaps someone in one of these criminal groups got caught and arrested. By coincidence the criminal lived in or near Minneapolis/St. Paul, Mn. a large metropolitan area which is a short drive from where Tim Holmseth lives.

The criminal’s associate tune in to the above webcast and hear Holmseth claim that he has a flash drive containing the names of certain individuals and their actions. Those names would include residents of the state where both Holmseth and the characters in this hypothetical scenario lives.

They would come to the conclusion that either Holmseth has to be silenced or worse yet, that vengence must be sought for his being the cause of their associate being arrested by any means necessary.

The target of their vengence would not only be Holmseth himself but his family and his children as well.

Given the nature of their activities, these groups may feel that his children may be “fair game” so to speak and thus may be taken for those express purposes.

Normally those professional journalists that cover these kinds of activities take proper precautions in order to protect themselves and their families from this kind of reprisal.

Professional investigative journalists have large news organizations and networks to protect them. The journalists work with law enforcement who also provide some measure of protection. The journalists take measures to protect their privacy and that of the loved ones around them.

Tim holmseh has none of these protections. Holmseth in fact has included law enforcement in his accusations that they are active in these criminal activities as well.

Holmseth has taken none of the precautions that professional journalists take, He has in fact done quite the opposite.

He has published court documents containing his full name address and even his telephone number. He has included detailed information on where he works, where his adult daughter lives and even where his son lives along with detailed personal information of the child’s biological mother and her ex husband as well as other family measures.

He has built himself up as an expert Investigative Journalist specializing in the exposing of criminal individuals and organizations active in the areas of pedophelia, human trafficking and so forth.

He has, for all intents and purposes, placed a bullseye on himself and his family.

He clearly understands this for he stated in the recent interiew that he has made out his last will and testiment and placed it in a safe deposit box.

In spite of knowing the danger he has placed himself and his family in, Tim Holmseth continues his actions and with increasing intensity.

It is only a matter of time before the hypothetical example I have cited becomes a reality.

Tim Homseth, as a result, would be come famous for all the wrong reasons.

Stay tuned




In one of his articles recently Tim Holmseth turned to begging for money in order to keep his media empire running. He has started a paypal account obstinsively to get money to pay for his website hosting expenses.

He already publishes ebooks on amazon to make some money and his income should increase after his  interview on the alt right conspiracy theory webcast he did recently. 

He made certain to promote his book a number of times in his lengthy interview and apparently decided that since he will likely get a  lot more visitors to his media empire, he might as well come up with another scheme to make money off of the Haleigh Cummings case and now the Caylee Anthony case.

There are some of his supporters who are members of a group that does not condone people making money off the death of Caylee Anthony. I wonder how those supporters feel now that Tim Holmseth has come up with yet another way to make money off of her.

Stay Tuned