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A self proclaimed investigative journalist who is in reality a pizza delivery driver for a Dominos pizza franchise in Grand Forks Minnesota. An order for bodily attachment which is Floridaspeak for a bench warrant has been issued against the pizza delivery driver for what amounts to contempt of court.

The reason for the order is because the pizza delivery driver has an obsession with a lawyer from Florida and has been accusing her of all sorts of crimes for almost a decade. The pizza delivery driver has never been able to prove his accusations but persists in making them anyway.

Rather than understanding the significance of the order, the pizza delivery driver seems to be making a mockery out of it and may actually be joking about it.

On his various social media websites the pizza delivery driver makes it clear that he does not understand how the Florida court system works.

In one post he makes comments questioning the legality of a handwritten form that detailed the order against him. He seems to think that because the order was not in print but rather was in longhand was either fake or not valid. I have learned by calling the court that this is a common practice and that the order issued to law enforcement is, in fact in print and on official forms designed for that specific purpose.

The pizza delivery driver also claims that because the order was issued in the same court division that hears custody cases and domestic violence cases that it was improper and that something shady must be going on with the parties involved in the case and the judge who presided over it.

Again the pizza delivery driver is wrong. It is a common practice for stalking cases be heard and ruled upon in this division of the Florida court system.

One final point regarding the case involving the pizza delivery driver and his claims regarding the anti stalking order against him. His book that he wrote about the cases he theorizes about is not banned. All he has to do is edit the book to comply with the order and he is then free to publish the novel as he sees fit. I call it a novel because everything in the original book is a work of fiction and in no ways relates to anything real or genuine.

It would appear at the moment that the pizza delivery driver can avoid arrest by simply staying out of the State of Florida which brings up a question.

If the only way the pizza delivery driver can be arrested or the order enforced is to avoid the state of Florida than why did the pizza delivery driver comply with the order in the first place?

The order was issued in August of this year and he has not been arrested. It would seem that he is not likely to be arrested any time soon which means the only thing that has been accomplished with the Florida order was to label him a wanted man and something for him to use to scam his subscribers out of more money.

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    • Whatever
    • Posted October 26, 2017 at 8:03 pm
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    What, u mean the few up addresses all in the same state and town that I live in?

    My bad I forget amateurs like you only have one up address in your trailers.

    I however, have multiple addresses in the same city, and same state which I don’t hide because I work for a living and have multiple homes and offices.

    But again lostutter out of someone calling you on ur shit

      • Posted October 27, 2017 at 12:31 pm
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      IP addresses. you keep posting phony email addresses and your ip changes constantly. I do not understand why you keep changing your information but whatever floats your boat.

    • who givesa shit
    • Posted October 26, 2017 at 9:26 am
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    ah, the ole deric lostutter move of calling everyone who disagrees with you, or calls you on your shit a troll.


      • Posted October 26, 2017 at 3:01 pm
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      Interesting on how you come in here with different email addresses and ip addresses. This indicates you are an expert in deception. This is the kind of deception that might lead to sock accounts and other fake activities. As for my calling you out for trolling, you fit the description. Rather than having a mature conversation you come in here and make abusive comments.
      Have you noticed that even though you make those abusive comments that I still allow them to be put here?
      No, you seem to overlook that little detail.

      I do not expect everyone to agree with me. What I do expect is for people to act like mature adults rather than playground bullies going around calling people names.

    • stupid is as stupid does
    • Posted October 26, 2017 at 12:53 am
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    “It would appear at the moment that the pizza delivery driver can avoid arrest by simply staying out of the State of Florida which brings up a question.

    If the only way the pizza delivery driver can be arrested or the order enforced is to avoid the state of Florida than why did the pizza delivery driver comply with the order in the first place?”

    You clowns are just now figuring that out?

    If it was me, I’d’ve come personally to Florida and kicked the shit out of that Kim chick in her local county courthouse and left with her Bar Card torn to shreds.

      • Posted October 26, 2017 at 8:06 am
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      You would have to answer pizza delivery driver that one. You might also want to ask him why he did not come to Florida and fight the original order. And the “I do not have any money” excuse will not work since he has a woman with means would give him the expense money to go down to South Florida since she has the same beef with the lawyer as he does.
      But, since he cannot prove his accusations against anyone, he is not about to come to Florida and defend himself.
      It is also easier for him to comply with the order and scream censorship and so forth so that he can scam his supporters out of money.

      Those who support him are simply to stupid to understand all of this.


    • ridiculous
    • Posted October 25, 2017 at 6:37 pm
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    Bill, this and your last post are two hundred percent proof I was right about you being in a mental meltdown mode. You are there, Bill. Full blown. What happened to that turning a new leaf post and moving on? You’re completely gone. Gone, gone, gone in the head.

      • Posted October 26, 2017 at 8:13 am
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      Well, the same question could be asked of the pizza delivery dude. All he needs to do is to delete everything about me off of his websites and I would not mention him again. Apparently you would not mind being accused of murdering children, raping children, being involved in satenist cults and so forth and so on. There is a guy on his Facebook page that has threatened at least three times that he is going to come to where I live and either beat the shit out of me or kill me. He has made it clear that he would be willing to go to jail. This is a direct of him being brainwashed by the Pizza Delivery guy.
      Now since Florida has a “stand your ground” law, and I live in the same area where the Zimmerman trial was held, his acting on his threat might not be such a good idea.

      I do find it interesting that you come back here constantly and take the time to read the blog and then leave your snide remarks. It sounds to me like you need to get a life and quit being a troll.


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