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I have been following with much amusement the propaganda being published on a small media empire run by a pizza delivery driver. I also am a bit concerned that these people believe this person has all the answers to solve crimes that have baffled law enforcement for over a decade.

The pizza driver claims he is so important that he is being threatened with arrest, that he has had his hard drive confiscated and then destroyed. He has claimed that he was fired from a position as a janitor due to his “investigations.”

The pizza delivery driver also claims that he has received threatening calls from the hacktivist group Anonymous and by unknown persons using voice changers and voice imitators.

Now one has to wonder how a pizza delivery deliver living in a small town in the middle of nowhere that he is the only person in the United States that holds all the ansers for solving the crimes he blogs about.

He claims to have a flash drive loaded with all sorts of information that would break things wide open yet he cannot release this information because he would be arrested if he did.

Apparently going into the witness protection program or releasing the material through a lawyer or a media outlet that could protect his identity is not the answer.

Of course the pizza delivery driver has also accused most of law enforcement along with at least one state attorney and governor as well as a former Secretary of State of being participants in these crimes which would mean that he stands no hope in hell of solving any of these crimes.

His only hope is to beg his followers for donations so that he can keep posting his propaganda for them to read.

There is no accounting for taste, I suppose.

Stay tuned