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I wrote this comment a short while before this submission in an effort to steer the debate on Tim Holmseth’s blog towards a common sense understanding of what he has written about and the nature of his allagation against scores of people in varying walks of life.

The thread of the comment section of the article he had written had little to do with the topic but, rather, was a discussion about the alleged personal conduct of a few people who took part in efforts to determine the fate of a still missing child.

I repeat my comment here because it is my understanding that not all comments are making it onto his blog. I know of at least one person who has made a comment there and it was never published.

Here is what I wrote:

    • “The problem with Holmseth’s writing is that he goes beyond accusations of social conduct. He accuses her and others of horrific crimes without a shred of proof. He has also gone so far as to name at least one Governor of a state and at least one State attorney of violating their oaths of office in the most disgusting manner possible. He has also accused scores of law enforcement of these same horrific crimes again with no concrete proof to back these accusations up.

      He then publishes these manifestos where he claims to have secret recordings and documents as well as statements of others regarding these accusations. He has yet to provide this proof citing the excuse that he would be arrested if he were to divulge this so-called evidence.

      Common sense would have to have an unbiased person ask why on earth the evidence that would solve scores of child abductions and murders as well as stopping such things as human trafficking, satanic ritual abuses, and pornography, as well as pedophile rings, would result in the arrest of the person who would be considered a hero for doing so lead him to being arrested because he divulged this information.

      IF Holmseth was to present this evidence to law enforcement and to the public in an uncensored and unredacted manner, he may well receive the thanks of scores of people who have been the victims of such alleged conduct or even more so receive the undying gratitude of the family and loved ones of the alleged victims of such horrific criminal acts.

      He would be a hero.

      If it turns out that Holmseth did NOT have the proof he so declares and this truth is born out at some future date, he may well be scorned as the sick and evil individual who victimized not only those he has so wrongly accused but as someone who with his twisted and evil writings victimized the loved ones of those who have either been murdered or remain missing.

      Rather than fight about the alleged social misconduct of a certain few individuals, it is those facts that need to be considered above all else.


      I stand by these words. What needs to be examined is the FACTS of each and every case Holmseth discusses from other sources besides his blog or any blog for that matter. There are outside sources of information that can be checked. Official records, court records and so forth.
      The problem at present is that the true crime social media is rife with abuses. People engage in horrific acts of false news, false information, and false accusations.
      They do so with the knowledge that there is rarely any accounting for their actions. They cannot be sued because they are not worth suing. Most of these abuses are of modest means often living off the taxpayers in the city or state where they reside as well as federal taxes that pay for programs directed to the poor.
    • They hide behind the first amendment knowing full well that slander, libel and defamation of character is not part of it.
    • They have the freedom to lie and they exercise that freedom quite efficently.
    • If there is a solution to the problem of these individuals wantonly destroying lives, I have not found it.
    • I doubt a solution will ever be found.
    • Stay tuned
    • MURT


    • Levi
    • Posted November 11, 2017 at 11:16 pm
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    Ben, I have no desire to move to Davenport Iowa (where the heck is that?) or Indiana or do the kind of journalism you suggested. School boards? I have no idea where you got that info, certainly not from me because I’ve never been interested in that.

    I don’t know why you had to make a post about a criminal and turn it around on me.

    • You snooze, you lose
    • Posted November 11, 2017 at 2:28 am
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    Hey Murt – i thought you were not going to talk any more about this idiot Holmseth! Isn’t that what you promised a week or so ago when you were bitching about how no one was taking up the “fight” against this guy?

    lol – full of shit you are.

    Hey, guess what? I learned tonight that my shower head has a water flow restrictor in it. I never knew there was such a thing until I randomly came across something on the internet. Apparently it is a law that the water flows gets reduced. But you can take the shower head off and use a screw driver to bust the thing off. Now my water flows like a fire hose!!!

      • Posted November 11, 2017 at 5:50 am
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      Well, the nice thing about owning a blog is that I can decide to do with it what I damn well, please.

      My main reason for writing this particular article is because Holmseth and his supporters are big on their so called mission against pedophiles. I found it rather interesting that he and his followers are completely ignoring Tom Moore’s alleged tryst with a 14 year old. Since Holmseth and the bulk of his supporters are Trumptards, the reason for their silence becomes crystal clear.

      As for the flow restrictor. The law varies depending on where you live. Most of these laws are in California and Arizona where water is hard to come by. They also were designed to help save water usage even if there was no law requiring it. I remember an episode on one of the cartoon shows, either The Simpsons or another one regarding toilets. He wound up getting one out of Canada.


    • Ben
    • Posted November 9, 2017 at 4:50 am
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    I do not know Mr. Holmseth so I cannot offer an educated assesment of him or his work. But what strikes me as odd is that many of his detractors have stated that he is jealous of Levi Page. I find that statement rather odd.

    Levi Page busted on the scene out of nowhere during the Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings cases and was on HLN shout fest tabloid shows.

    I know traditional journalists have a big gripe with HLN for allowing a wet behind the ears kid appear on national TV when he was only in his 20’s.

    Not only is that an insult to journos that have spent decades trying to get on national tv but it is not doing Page any favors either.

    Call me old fashioned but to make it in the business a youngin interns for a grown up journalist and then after graduating college they move somewhere like Davenport, Iowa or Indiana and pay their dues as a cub reporter. Insteas of focusing on salacious crime stories they report on school board meetings etc. Or they are out in the frigid field reporting on local events, knocking on doors to get comments etc. That is character building.

    I am glad HLN has quit focusing on the salacious cases and if Levi wants to be more than a “personality” or “talking head” with boyish looks he would stop focusing on how to make money or having a lot of fans or his stupid podcast on itunes and he should look to start paying dues and get real mentors and not “entertainers” like nancy disgrace and jane velez-mitchell.

    So long story short why would Holmseth be jealous of Levi? Levi is not respected by real journalists that came up on the business the correct way.

      • Posted November 9, 2017 at 5:42 am
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      That is a question for Holmseth to answer. He is no journalist either since he is clearly biased in his blog and he also does not fact check his sources. His accusation against me and others are based on questionable sources solely on blogs and forums and not from mainstream sources such as law enforcement. He also seems to be plagurizing other people’s work which is a mortal sin for a journalist to engage in.


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