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I was recently contacted by Ms. Weyanne Kruger regarding the recent postings by conspiracy theorist Timothy C Holmseth. She has expressed her concern over what he has written about her and has given me permission to publish her statement.

The only thing I have edited out of the statement is the name of one individual who Tim has been ordered not to mention. 

Here is her statement:


“wayanne kruger

Nov 18


Does simplicity build towards complexity? Or, do we break down complex subjects into simpler explanations?

RE: New cyber attacks posted regarding myself and Attorney, Gloria Allred.

This is not a tall tale. It is a declaration about myself and other women whom refuse to stand by and been intimidated  by the International Network of Cyberspace for the enjoyment of unacceptable behavior, torment, false reporting and disclosing sensitive information that has spiraled out of control.

I am reaching out to all victims in this case to take a stand regarding my last cause while offering help on behalf of a mother who endured horrible press while her child was/is missing.

Fact: My heart grieved for Crystal Sheffield and missing child Haliegh Cummings. I flew to Florida.

I was an advocate.

Victims advocate.

Sexual Abuse Advocate.

I advocate for the rights to stand up and to not live in fear, nor be silenced.

I had to escape the propaganda and threats surrounding the Cummings case. Allow me to add the following. The threats against my life while in Satsuma can be verified by the family,  (Name removed by editor), Avendale Police Department and Officer Brady, Jacksonville, Fl. Aviation LE Officer.

Upon arriving home – someone suggested I listen to some taped conversations about me that a “reporter” had. I will not discuss the contents I heard because it was all hearsay and/or edited. Lie’s.

Those involved in the case know the facts. I will leave it at that. I refuse to be a part of hurting the families of unnecessary stress along with others whom have been harmed.

I can ignore some of the stupidity of online posts. Some, I cannot. Especially when they are posted by a pedophile or those who feed off attention or twist and manipulate a story, rumor and gossip, or illegally record conversation.  As we know — ignorant bullies and bloggers follow by creating blogs or websites like a train wreck that spreads like wild fire.

Fact: I was not an advocate on the Anthony case nor was Gloria Allred as posted. There is no “key” evidence as posted regarding Haleigh Cummings. I never met little Haleigh. I have never met any Anthony’s or poor Caylee. This type of sick manifestation is beyond my comprehension.

Gloria Allred nor I have committed the acts or crimes alleged regarding the abduction of Haliegh Cummings. I did not support Hillary Clinton.

I have nothing but high regard for Gloria’s  ethical standards, legal work, and notable support for victims. Gloria Allred gave my daughter’s life back. My daughter is still my hero for life.

I was not there during Halieghs abduction nor was I with Crystal. The LE can confirm my itinerary along with FBI  where I was via witnesses and cell records. I am sure they already have after I provided some information.

I have only spoken to Grund via cell regarding William Staubs. I did not call him. I do not have his number. It was blocked. I have never met him.

I desired NO media nor do I desire it now.

I did not request William Staubs on this case. A Reverend had. He called me to tell me he was going to help. In fact, when he showed up, I was not informed he had been hired. That is between the parties involved, not me.

Women and men suffering from online harassment. Cyber stalking. Online attacks and waging war and vulgar attacks that are misleading and posted.

Sadly,  a ghost writer. Fictitious accounts with the ability to harass these victims continues.

Woman and victims are now branded like the Scarlet Letter for all to see, read and start a witch hunt. Those who follow or post are just as guilty of being vindictive = #youareabully using a diary of hate online.  Haters quickly follow.

Before you know it victims, such as parents of missing child cannot bare to be seen in public and/or fall into a dark world of depression. Tirelessly trying to gain an answer.  “Why me?”

I refuse to live in the society of depression against victims.  It is a blood sport that must be stopped.

Online harassment and cyber-bullying is real.

Words taken out of context and twisted to meet the perpetrators view are real.

A private conversation twisted to create a “theory” not “facts” are real.

Views that are altered to make other’s (including victims) look hateful, spiteful, criminal, cruel or worse..a perpetrator are real.

This is a national crisis for many families and individuals who are suffering a loss.

It effects families, friends, co-workers and the ability to fight back alone. That is why they must be held accountable.

We all have something we regret in some form or fashion. Let that not stand in the way of a brighter future. If people around you refuse to see the brilliant light you survived  – divorce yourself from the darkness. Never plead nor bleed in self blame or allow a perpetrator to steal your voice.

Woman, young adults and teens rise up. Let your voices be heard! Talk to other’s that will help you lead a new era of inspiration. Woman and men across the world are now taking a stand. Join hands and do not submit.

Two days ago I received a disturbing call from a victim. Terrified, hurt, crying and asking me for help. I had not surfed the web nor followed any cases in years.

Upon reading this site and listening to the audio tapes I was first in shock. Then angry. Then utterly perplexed. I had read a statement in 2009 by an individual that contacted me. It is not facts. Obviously someone took it upon himself to create a story that was never confirmed with true and documented  facts.

Out of my 30 years with media, I have been asked for any and all info for a “reporter” or “producers” to follow up on. All the information is followed up by an investigation team and a reputable reporter does NOT give out names, especially when it is a private conversation (nor full version) then dubbed and released on audio into cyber-land.

Without a team of researches contacting the real source of factual evidence, one cannot assume it is fact.

Yes I encountered someone claiming he was a CIA agent. Many did. Did I believe him? No. I have never heard of an official telling factual events to anyone that is not a Government Agent.

I did not call a “reporter” for media. If I wanted media I would have taken the offers while on the case. All the reporters were focused on the family dynamics. Not Haleigh. I stand behind Crystal Sheffield’s privacy.

A survivor of domestic violence. A survivor of cyber-bullying. A mother who still cries for her daughter’s return.

My advice to all victims that have endured public or private harassment
Is to vacate yourself from the situation.

You cannot change a cyberbully’s mind over a tweet, post, FB, forum’s or website. However, you can file police report and/or sue. Please work with other victims and be a mentor.

I highly recommend this site for informative information and action.


Wayanne Mae Kruger