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It seems that conspiracy theorist and pizza delivery driver Timothy Charles Holmseth has become the latest member of the Casey Anthony support group by declaring a recording made in 2009 may prove that Casey did not kill her daughter Caylee or at the least did not cause her death.

Tim negelected to point out in his article that to the horror of millions throughout the United States and elsewhere, Casey Anthony was acquitted of all charges and deemed Not Guilty in one of the most watched jury trials in US history. 

Holmseth also declared that the kidnapping of Haleigh Cummings may have been staged and once again turning his back on those who wanted justice for Haleigh.

What is important about this turn of events is that Timothy Holmseth is now on the same side of the Casey Anthony  innocence theory of those he claims are trying to get him shut down and in the process is turning his back on many of those who had supported him.

There were a number of bloggers and a young HLN guest from social media who supported to a degree the jury decision in the Anthony trial who attacked Tim Holmseth for his stance on the Anthony case at that time.

I had predicted in a meeting I had in Michigan some time back that Tim Holmseth would turn his back on the Caylee Warriors (later changed to Angels) in order to garner support for his causes and his efforts to make money off of the back of Caylee.

This latest article has proven me correct. Tim is now turning his back on the boycott group and has at least directed a minimal amount of support towards Casey in her efforts to prove her innocence and perhaps reap financial benefits from her loss of Caylee.

I was strongly criticized by those who are still seeking justice for Caylee for their belief that I had gone over to the side of the haters as they called them and many have turned their back on me for doing so.

Now, it seems that Timothy Charles Holmseth has turned his back on them as well.

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    • Levi
    • Posted November 11, 2017 at 11:10 pm
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    Just to clarify. I never supported the jury verdict. I thought the prosecuted proved premeditated or felony murder beyond a reasonable doubt. What I did not support were people claiming to “boycott” Casey obsessively tweeting about her years after the verdict. They are the main people that keep her relevant and I thought it was counter productive and border line obsessive.

    And if Casey wrote a book or did an interview, those boycotters would be the main ones consuming it. Cuz obsessed…

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