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I realise this is a delicate subject but I cannot help weighing in on what is turning out to be an extremely complicated situation. The problem of sexual harassment against women goes back decades and until recently has been a struggle for them to get justice.

For a while it seemed that progress was being made as women came forward with their accusations of past harassment by prominent and powerful men in business, entertainment and government.

A frank discussion began about this problem and how best to deal with it.

Something else happened however. Suddenly there was a spike in these accusations being made by women who would go on talk shows and start having press conferences making accusations from what might have been considered minor up to the most serious of inappropriate actions.

Since these accusations currently involve individuals on both sides of the political spectrum it was only natural for victim shaming of an unprecedented level to unfold.

The problem has now grown so serious that the public is reverting back to the past where these kinds of allagations were dismissed as being made by scorned women with a score to settle.

It is hard to know what the solution may be. Simply beliving every accusation is not the answer nor is ignoring the accusations.

Somehow common sense debate must reenter the picture so that a resolution to this serious problem can be found.

Stay Tuned