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It has become the custom of late for conspiacy theorists, armchair detectives, pundents, and critics of one group or another to rush to judgement when an event like the shooting in South Texas takes place. The blame is always put at the feet of a political party, a group advocating a cause or a religious group or race. 

The true cause lies not in any radicalization by a group but, instead of the people around those who engage in these actions not seeing or not wanting to see an impending disaster due to a single or series of events surrounding the individual who partakes such actions. 

All too frequently, signs of trouble go unnoticed prior to an action only to be tragicly clear in hindsight. All too often it would have been an early intervention that could have prevented such extreme tragedies.

Such was the case with Davin Patrick Kelly. It is all to easy to blame radicalization as the cause of his actions when the actual cause may be elsewhere. The root cause of his action Sunday may be mearly the accumulation of significant events that compiled into an increasing amount of pressure and stress upon a person incapable of dealing whith what life has thrown at him.  He may have simply snapped. This is not an excuse but is a cause of action.

Do not mistake this as a way to excuse what he and others have done but rather, an embarking on a path to understanding the early signs of trouble so that early interventions into the lives of other troubled invididuals may prevent such disasterous actions in the future.

Remember the expression that Homeland Security and law enforcement agencies repeat time and again when trying to get us to be aware of these kinds of situations ” if you see something, say something. If you see something do something.” 

This advice applies to seeing the early signs of trouble and stepping in to prevent matters becoming worse. If you see someone around you acting increasingly erratic, do what you can to alleviate the situation. If you are unable to do this on your own, seek assistance from whomever would be capable of rendering the kind of aid and resources that may be necessary.

Do not stand aside and do nothing. If you do not take the appropriate actions when you are able to and the situation reaches the point of no return. There may become a day when something drastic and horrible happens and then you may be filled with the guilt of knowing that you could have done something but instead, decided to sit by and do nothing.

Stay Tuned