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As I had written about recently, I had obtained a copy of the book that is alleged to be banned from being sold due to a court order out of Florida through a convoluted process. I had spent several months trying to find a copy on line. There were no copies available anywhere on line or through rare book brokers. 

Then the day prior to this writing, I was sent a message on Twitter that there were two copies of the book for sale on Amazon. I thought this rather odd so I want and looked for myself and there were, in fact two copies for sale. 

Well, now there is only one copy available since I purchased one of them. There are a number of reasons for purchasing a second copy of the book I recently came into possession of.

The main reason is to see if any revisions had been made to the book in order to comply with the court order or if this book is the same version of the one I currently have.

Also, since this is an extremely rare book, I wanted one in good condition that I could preserve for a future sale. Rare books usually become more valuable if an important event having to do with the author or subjects within the book generates a lot of public interest.

If Tim Holmseth gets arrested and put in jail, there is the remote possability that the book might increase in value and I could put it up for auction. There are other reasons for the purchase that I will not go into right now. 

What is surprising is that the book suddenly appeared on Amazon after I wrote about the ordeal I went through obtaining my copy. I am wondering if someone is trying to take advantage of the publicity or if there is someone helping Holmseth sidestep the court order by selling the book under a different name and then forwarding the proceeds to Holmseth.

This, of course, would be illegal and subject whoever would be doing this to being charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. The penalty would be quite severe and I would think whoever might be tempted to do such a thing would have thought about the consequences.

My copy is scheduled to be here sometime this weekend. When It arrives, I will do both a blog and video about the book and anything else I found out in the meantime.

Stay tuned