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For quite a long time I had been searching for a hard copy of Tim Holmseth’s book that was banned for sale by a Florida attorney who managed to get a court order to demand he cease mentioning her or her family anywhere and to remove anything mentioning her name from the internet.

It was a long shot and it paid off. I had never really expected to find a copy since none were out there or so I thought. I had googled the internet and searched Craigslist and a score of similar on line outlets in an attempt to find a copy. I even went through some rare book broakers and contacted the library of congress all to no avail.

And then, suddenly a breakthrough. I started being contacted by trolls (turned out to be a single invidivual) that kept citing things about the Cummings case that were not in any of Tim’s current writings. Finally one of the trolls mentioned that there was a hard copy of the book available. 

The problem that cropped up was that the individual did not want to be identified and that the book would be provided to me at cost if there was a way to do the transaction without the individual being identified.

We went back and forth trying to figure out a way to accomplish this when a way presented itself. If you all recall, I had been streaming when I was going to and from the Orlando Airport.

It turns out the owner of the book was watching and figured out one of the places I was going to. That person sent me a photo of me at the airport of the city in question which was a bit unnerving.

The airport has a rather interesting sculpture that is a well known tourist attraction and eventually a way was worked out to exchange the funds for the book. I was to stand by the landmark at a pre determined time and date and wait for a text on my cellphone. My number is widely known so that was not unusual for me to get texts on it. 

I will not go into detail how this was pulled off because I promised not to do that. To make a long story short, I was able to obtain the book and I am now going through it.

The book is roughly 208 pages long with about 200 pages being dedicated to Tim Holmseth writing his account of his involvement in investigating the goings on in the Cummings case and the other pages being copies of documents and a timeline of sorts at the end.

The book is not a hard cover. It is a large paperback book and is in a font size similar to that which I use on this blog. The best way to describe the size of the book would be that of an auto repair manual although it is a bit larger than that. The way it is published makes it easier to read although the way Tim writes it is not all that easy to  endure the task of reading the thing. 

The one thing Tim Holmseth does not do is to add footnotes. It is an accepted practice for anyone writing a fact based work to cite where certain references in the work came from. This is usually to support the facts cited as well as giving the author of the cited material credit and thus prevent claims of copyright infringement and plagurism. The latter of which Tim has been accused of more than once. 

One thing that Tim did was at the end of every chapter he would do a summary of what he had written about in each one. It is an interesting style of writing that reminds me of some of the textbooks I read in High School.

Tim self published the book and used “Holmseth Publishing” giving the impression he owned a publishing company when, in fact, he simply contracted a book printer to have it published.

I will soon start dissecting the book going through what he has claimed to have happened to Haleigh as well as some of the more interesting events he cites throughout the book. I am in contact with at least two of those individuals mentioned in the book and if I can get input from them, and their permission to use their statements, I will provide them in my writings.

At the very least the book gives an insight into the mind of Tim Holmseth and it is a place where nobody should want to be.

Stay Tuned



    • Ben
    • Posted November 21, 2017 at 5:21 am
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    Who do you think killed haleigh cummings?

      • Posted November 21, 2017 at 6:38 am
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      If Haleigh is dead it was likely someone within her immediate family or someone who knew the family quite well.


    • Sherlock Holmes
    • Posted November 20, 2017 at 6:00 am
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    You stood in an airport near a sculpture to “meet” a crazy person who had followed you once before as you livestreamed (and sent you a picture of yourself to prove he or she was tracking you), to exchange payment with that person to get a homemade book written by an obsessive lunatic. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely is it that airport book seller is the kidnapper of that girl?

      • Posted November 20, 2017 at 6:12 am
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      This is not the first time someone has photographed me or my residence without my knowledge. A woman flew all the way from Arizona to take photos of my house and another woman from South Florida did the same thing. So for someone to photograph me at an airport was not completely unexpected.
      Some additional details that I did not go into in the article. First, I never met the person who sold me the book. The arrangement was such that there would be no meeting between us. The offer to provide me the book came after a lengthy exchange of private messages between us. The individual provided enough detail including images of the book covers along with some of the content so that I could be assured it was genuine. As for why the person went to such extremes is puzzling but I went along with the arrangement as it offered me a chance to attain a book that is impossible to find anywhere.

      I have enough information that has come to me over the past few years that indicate that Haleigh is likely deceased. Her body was probably dumped into the St. Johns river and was eaten by allagators who infest the area. A cinder block with a rope was found at some point later on. The only reason the case remains open is because there is no definitive answer to what happened to her and who was behind her disappearance. The PCSO does not believe one word that Holmseth has to say and considers him a nuisance.


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