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The one thing that has always confused me as I go through Tim Holmseth’s banned book is why did he give up? Why didn’t he dispute his right to speak his mind? There were a quite a number of why’s to be asked here.

I discussed this subject with a number of associates where were experts on this sort of thing and was informed that if Tim Holmseth had made some adjustments to his book and followed the proper protocols most speculative journalists use, he could have prevented the book from being banned. Instead, Tim broke every rule in the profession of investigative journalism and he keeps making these same mistakes time again right up to the present day.

It is not the first time someone has made the kind of outrageous and false claims that appear in the book. It is done almost on a daily basis. Take the case of Judge Moore. He claims the accusations against him are false and is threatening to sue those who broke the story.

One publication was even served with a cease and desist order. Their response was a resounding no and a letter of response to his threat.

Moore also threatened to sue the Washington post but has yet to do so. President Trump has threatened to sue over the accusations against him. To date not one lawsuit or even a cease and desist order has been forthcoming.

The simple fact is that false accusations are hard to fight. I know this from personal experience as I am falsely accused many times over by Tim and the cultists that follow him.

It would cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars that I do not have to take him and his cultists to court. I have been to lawyer after lawyer who say it would be next to impossible to accomplish and since he has no assets it would not worth any lawyer’s time.

Perhaps, but one individual was able to stop the publication and sale of Tim’s book in it’s tracks. I have found nothing anywhere that indicates that Tim Holmseth put up any kind of fight.

This is rather strange considering that day after day Tim Holmseth keeps claiming that he is filing with the court to bring forth evidence that he claims will prove his speculations about the case of what happened to several missing and murdered children as fact.

One would have to look at the situation regarding the banned book and speculate that all Tim Holmseth is doing is using the book in an ongoing publicity stunt to garner support and as a means to seek donations to cover his alleged loses of income.

I will be going over this book point by point in great detail over the next several weeks to examine exactly who Tim Holmseth really is and just what there was in this book that caused it to be banned. 

Stay tuned



    • Ben
    • Posted November 21, 2017 at 5:17 am
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    Do you think Levi Page targeted Holmseth because Levi wanted to write a book about Haleigh?

      • Posted November 21, 2017 at 6:39 am
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      I am uncertain of Levi’s motives. It could be as simple as he having a strong disagreement about the way Tim was involving himself in the case.


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