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Tim Holmseth’s website host has been hit with a subpoena of information as to the ownership of the website. That owner is obviously Timothy C Holmseth as admitted to on his most recent blog article:

I, Timothy Charles Holmseth have been notified I am under criminal investigation by the Lighthouse Point Police Department in Broward County Florida with the assistance of Assistant States Attorney Michael J. Satz.

Today, I received a notification from WordPress notifying me that on November 3, 2017 Attorney Satz subpoenaed account and payment information, as well as the identity of the owner of which is a website I operate.”

The reason for the investigation is that for at least the second time, Tim Holmseth has violated a court order instructing him to cease and desist stalking an attorney out of Southeast Florida.

What Holmseth does NOT explain is that his information is available to anyone who wants it. A simple ICANN search provides all of the information that the law enforcement agency is asking for. All the above request is for is to cover a legal hurdle necessary for when Holmseth is eventually charged and arrested for his violations.

During the hightened interest in the Haleigh Cummings case, Holmseth was alleged to have stalked the attorneys family and associates to the extent that a court order was granted by the State of Florida ordering him to stop his stalking and remove any mention of her on the internet.

The order also resulted in his having to stop the publication and sale of his book.

Through a considerable amount of effort, I was able to locate one of the copies of the book that had been sold prior to the order taking effect.

I will begin going over the contents of the book shortly. I will go over the book to determine why it was banned and also present insights as to the kind of person Holmseth is using his own words.

Stay tuned